It All Started With A Blurb

I remember that as a child, my Dad would tell me “Don’t be afraid of the dark, there is nothing in it that will hurt you.” While I didn’t particularly fear it, I also never completely followed his thought on that. The dark could be a mysterious and uncomfortable place and I had the experiences to prove it. However, while things in the darkness frightened me, the only thing that was truly harmed was my psyche.
I experienced my first UFO sighting when I was about 10 to 12. My family had been out on a beautiful spring evening and had come home well after dark. I soon realized that our dogs had not been fed, so grabbing a flashlight and with my younger sister following, I headed to the chicken coup where the dog food was kept. After feeding the dogs, I was closing the building’s door when my sister said, “What is that?” I turned around to see that she was pointing towards the sky. Looking up, we both watched an orange glowing ball sail quickly across the darkness above. Coming out of the north, it was too slow to be a meteor and yet seemed to be moving too fast to be an airplane.
Together we watched until we could barely see the light approach the horizon. My sister was becoming noticably uncomfortable and I was begining to wonder if we had just seen a flying saucer. Suddenly my sister took off towards our house and I was right on her heels. Running into the house we found our mom in the kitchen and we excitedly tried to tell her that we had seen. Noticing that we were both white as sheets, she told us to settle down and tell her, one at a time, what was going on. Harnessing our enthusiasm, we once again told our mother that we thought we had just seen a flying saucer.
Our parents were not sure what to think but they understood that we had seen something strange. I was intrigued by the sighting and being a persistent child, I started reading the newspaper every night looking for some confirmation of what we had seen. About a week went by and I was begining to think that I was wasting my time when I spotted a short blurb buried in the middle of the day’s paper.
The newspaper said that on the same night that we had our experience, air trafic controllers at Seatle’s Sea-Tac airport had reported seeing an orange ball-like light cross the sky. The report said that they had seen it about 10 minutes earlier than we had, and being about 250 miles south of the airport meant that the timeline fit. They described what my sister and I had seen in the sky, confirming what we had seen. From that moment I’ve been convinced that UFOs are indeed real and have avidly watched the night time sky hoping to see one again.
As a teenager, I would occasionally find a magazine article about flying saucers. I was drawn to articles about the Barney and Betty Hill case, the Lonnie Zamora incident and others. While I hadn’t seen another UFO it was something I was waiting for, it was something I was ready for and one night I was rewarded. In my reading about UFOs I had come across an article that claimed some types of alien craft may make a noise similar to the sound made by a swarm of bees. It was just a theory but I had an experience that validated the idea and I still believe involved a UFO.
Spending the night with one of my friends, I started to hear a strange noise coming from outside his house. I asked if he could hear it and he said he could. Listening for a few seconds, we both agreed that it sounded like bees flying outside the window. Then I told him what I had read. I looked out the window but didn’t see anything. My instinct was to run downstairs and look around, but I didn’t want to wake everyone. As I continued to listen to the noise it occurred to me that the buzzing, while audible to both my friend and me, seemed to be coming not from outside but inside my head. We saw no strange lights that night and there were no aliens standing in the distance but remembering that article I can not help but feel that an alien presence was involved.
I am convinced, through both experience and personal knowledge, that life exsists elsewhere in the universe. It is nearly inconcievable that with the almost infinite number of stars yet to be discovered there is not one with a planet harboring inteligent life. Even though years may pass between my UFO sightings I continue to look to the sky at night and as I watch the distant stars twinkle and dance it is apparent to me that we are not alone in the vast expanses of space.


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