William Pullin

Investigating The UFO Enigma: Objective And Thorough Examination, Paths To A Defensible Position

Greetings! Defense. In the process of investigating the UFO enigma, whether in a personal or in a professional capacity, it pays great dividends to question every single snippet of data, every single piece of evidence, every conclusion and position, even one’s own beliefs. In the never-ending search for answers, it is essential to examine all points of view, all verified data, and all testimony which has been shown after intense scrutiny, to be valid and free of any hoaxing. Attempting to confirm one’s own belief structure is not a productive way to attack the UFO problem, objective examination of the problem yields results which are free of bias and/or subjective speculation or supposition. Regardless of the investigative approach, positions which are indefensible don’t move the UFO field forward, and at times, perpetuate the belief that the UFO field is more of a pseudoscience, as opposed to a legitimate investigative endeavor. Now, what do all these seemingly disconnected statements mean?? They simply mean that objective and thorough examination, free of bias and personal/professional agendas, allows for the taking of positions which are defensible and easily discussed in a cordial and gentlemanly manner. That kind of positive interaction happens far too infrequently in today’s environment. Many thanks for your precious time.