Indigenous Medicines & The Unseen Part 3

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By MoonJoey

Indigenous Medicines & The Unseen Part 3 


“They knew that they only had “a” chance to deal with him. They literally killed him. They tore him apart. They tore his body into pieces.”

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(I’ll start with the last 2 paragraphs from Part II previously posted):

NOTE: to provide a little background in relation to this, my research reveals the following done by those practicing the dark medicine: newly buried bodies are dug up in secret. If they themselves have killed the victim, they dig up the buried body while the flesh is still fresh. Cutting specific sections such as the crown of the head, end of the nose and places where there are spirals or whorls (thumb & fingers), parts of a woman’s vagina or end of a man’s penis. There are other things they use, the result of their desecration of the body even more shocking however I will not mention them here for the sake of sensitivity. These unmentioned things, skin parts and some bones are taken and dried, ground into a fine powder to be used as part of their dark medicine.

OMOLKHUA (cont’d): “He carried it with him and people realized and knew what he held and they knew what he could do so they kind of steered away from him because no living being, no human would dare carry something from such a heinous thing of darkness to do. He was feared by a lot of people. The story is told that one time when he finished his ceremony, the villagers, some of the men waited at a distance. When he was headed toward his home, they surrounded him. They knew that they only had “a” chance to deal with him. They literally killed him. They tore him apart. They tore his body into pieces. They hacked him. They separated everything and the men, in all directions, took a body part as far as they could go. Once they got to a point where they felt it was safe, they took the body part and they buried it or burned it, making sure that his being, his spirit, was never complete or in one place.”


OMOLKHUA: The ceremony that took place after… I would ask my grandfather about it. He would look down, take a deep breath, and he said, “those days were dark.” Obviously, I was a very curious young man so I asked my grandpa, “what did he do?” He said, “a lot of bad things. He did a lot of bad things to a lot of people and the people had had enough.” He wouldn’t say much beyond that so I would ask my mother and she said, “you ask a lot of questions.” I said to my mother, “well, I want to know.” My mother said, “I will tell you but his name is never to be mentioned.” I said, “OK.” My mother continued, “he had the ability to crawl into people’s homes, even when everything was closed. He was able to get into their homes and create havoc. The medicine men would always be on guard. Your grandmother would always create a circle around her home. She would walk around her house on the outside, saying she was closing the circle. The medicine circle cannot be broken by anyone or anything. Whenever there is darkness, just create a circle. Walk around your house, say the prayers. Nothing can enter. But like all things, you have to maintain it and keep the circle alive.” So, in the medicine world… do you have any pets?

MOONJOEY: Yes, I used to have a dog but now I just have a cat.

OMOLKHUA: OK, so this cat, you maintain it, you take care of it, giving it food and water and allowing it to do its thing. So, the circle is alive, alive as you are, alive as the four-legged. As long as you keep the circle alive, you pay attention to it, it will remain strong in place. If you forget about it, it dwindles and goes away like a memory. It doesn’t have to be every day or every hour, it has to be when you remember it, is when you walk again around your house. The prayer is very simple. In simple terms with no fancy words to it, saying something like “the circle of life that brings peace at home.” Something very simple and you just imagine the circle around your house and that keeps everything at bay. So, back to my uncle… the small troubled ones, the dark ones would manage to sneak in. They would not try to cause harm, but cause havoc. They were like clowns, but not with funny intent but with intent to cause disruption, headaches, and uncomfortable feel. If remained unchecked, they could literally cause you physical harm. So, when you feel a chill, those are your helpers, your what people refer to as guardians.

OMOLKHUA: Do you have a cell phone and do you know how it can vibrate when you are not holding it in your hand?


OMOLKHUA: When they are nearby, your helpers warn you and let you know like a vibration. If you open yourself to it, it will happen in different parts of the body. That is something that you tune into and it opens the doorway to your helpers to let you know when there is something nearby. When you feel the vibration you become on guard. One of the things my mother would say was, “think of the light. Think of the good spirit.” She was always praying. I would see her doing this and would ask her what she was doing and she would say, “Oh, just keeping everything at bay.” My grandmother as well, she would be singing. She would be praying. My grandfather, whenever anything was nearby he would just mumble under his breath. I’d ask him what is he doing and he would say, “just praying to the great spirit.” I asked him what he would say to the great spirit. He replied, “to keep us safe.” In their own way of teaching, whenever you feel uncomfortable, for whatever reason it makes no sense, is when you pray in whatever form you want to do. The power is within your faith, your strength of belief. If you believe in something greater than yourself, God in whatever religion it may be, and your faith is solid, you hold onto that for dear life. When you speak with your heart, not being mechanical, take a deep breath and think of the great spirit, and you open your heart, letting the words come out and you mean it, it is an amazing gift. Some people say a prayer before dinner or before they go to sleep. That’s fine. You have to mean it. That medicine is beyond the strength of the darkness. They cannot break that realm. They cannot go beyond the law of the Creator.

MOONJOEY: I get you. I’ve been there. I want to ask you about something. You spoke something in your native tongue when I previously asked you about your uncle. Could you tell me what those words were? (NOTE: as he repeated the phrase, phonetically it sounded like TOE-WASH-NAH KOH-HAHSHH-NAH-WAY)

OMOLKHUA: It means “stay away from me” basically. Just because I speak of you doesn’t mean you can come near. Distance, in the physical sense that we have, does not exist with them. Time, does not exist with them. TOE-WASH-NAH KOH-HAHSHH-NAH-WAY… it transcends our physical realm and our time, into theirs. This will sound odd… your grandparents, are they still alive?

MOONJOEY: I never got to know any of them. They died before the age I would have an awareness of them.

OMOLKHUA: Ok, so when you speak to your grandparents, you basically transcend time and space. It does not exist. Even though you did not remember them, they met you. They saw you, but you do not remember them. That connection exists. We think physically. When you become part of the medicine circle, you learn to ignore the physical limitations of this realm. We’re in it. We cannot get out of it. But we can, this will sound odd, have the faith, that what you say, it rings to them, it brings knowledge to them. They hear you. You know they do and with that knowing, you emphasize the strength of it. If I were to say this to some people they would say I was nuts. The medicine world dwells within you. It’s inward, not outward. Does that make sense to you?

MOONJOEY: Yes, that is very profound, an awesome description that makes it very clear to me. We think of time as progressing in a linear fashion, but it’s not. To me, all time has happened and we are experiencing it as our particular part of it, our perception being it is moving along with us.


MOONJOEY: What would you like to talk about next? I appreciate the knowledge that you are sharing with me and want to suck it up like a sponge, my friend. Do I have your permission to write about our conversation?

OMOLKHUA: Of course.

MOONJOEY: Thank You.


  • MoonJoey

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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