If UFOs Were Made Of Chocolate

Have You Considered

 By Aletheia Kardov 

If UFOs Were Made Of Chocolate

If UFOs were made of chocolate, we wouldn’t be able to reverse engineer the propulsion system would we? I mean; it’s made of chocolate? Imagine the looks on the scientists and engineers faces when they climb into the “engine” room!

“It’s Chocolate Jim, but not as we know it!

There are reports of UFOs going back to antiquity; they are now, as they were then, seen through the eyes, minds and beliefs of the people of that time and era. Whether they are observed as chariots pulling fire across the sky, fiery disks, spinning wheels, airships, flying saucers, big black triangles or more recently Tic-tac shaped craft.

Recent neurological studies in human social interactions suggests “bi-directional mimicry has been suggested to function as a “social glue”, a key mechanism that helps to build social rapport”; essentially “Human adults like those who mimic them, and mimic others more who they like”. Do we see UFO’s that mimic what we expect to see because we prefer that representation of them? Is this the true language / rapport of the phenomenon?

This idea of bi-directional mimicry is interesting if applied in the research of UFO sightings, particularly when multiple eye witness accounts report very different details of the same event. It could be theorized that there may be a two-way biological communication happening here that is translated differently depending on the individual. If a meme was created, spread and adopted that UFOs are of a high technology not yet within the grasp of humanity, is that why UFOs are perceived as they are, as a technological leap ahead of where we are currently?

It would be much faster and cheaper to “manifest” technology than it would to research and develop it!

Let’s run with this idea and suggest that if we sighted a UFO and it did indeed mimic what we expected, imagine if we somehow captured the deception / hallucination in a physical form that you could transport, touch and investigate. If we imagined that UFOs were of a high technology, when in reality it was just mimicking what you were expecting to see, would the propulsion system in the engine room even exist or simply look like it should but simply not work because it isn’t technically real?

If that was the case then UFOs may as well be made of chocolate…