I Want More Celebrity Experiences!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
I Want More Celebrity Experiences!
Last week I had the privilege and the honor to interview Ashley MacIsaac on Spaced Out Radio.  Ashley may not be a house hold name in the United States, but for us here in Canada, he’s one of our best musicians the last twenty-five years.  Ashley is known for his skills with a fiddle.  His Celtic style and harmony has entertained millions of people around the world.  Ashley came on the show and discussed some harrowing tales of UFOs, Sea Serpents and ghosts. Spaced Out Radio was the longest radio interview Ashley has ever been on.  His detailed explanations of his encounters had the entire audience intrigued.  It really made me wish that more celebrities would come forward to tell their stories.
Look, we know there are people out there like Dan Aykroyd, Kurt Russell. or former President Jimmy Carter who’ve come out with their stories.  We’ve also seen other celebrities, usually ones past their expiry dates of fame, jump on some reality television show and spew their paranormal guts out on camera.  You know they’re just doing it for the sake of getting some face time.  So the public can see that they’re really alive and not stuck in some re-run on cable.  No, here they are emotionally discussing the trauma of having an encounter with a ghost.  Stars that rank so low, that they don’t even qualify for an alphabet list anymore.  No, we don’t want to see people who are so washed up, that they are trying to use the paranormal towel to dry themselves off in front of a television audience.  We want real names.  Names that are relevant today.
I want to see people like Sammy Hagar come out and publicly engage his fans and the public about having extraterrestrial contact.  I mean the Red Rocker dedicated a Van Halen hit to it, in ‘Love Walks In’.  Betcha didn’t know that.  Go check out the song with lyrics on YouTube.  It’ll blow your mind!  It’s been there for 30 years.  I want to see Kurt Russell go on a tour about calling in the Phoenix Lights back on March 13th, 1997.  I want Bridget Marquardt, former Playboy Playmate to do a paranormal tour about how haunted the Playboy Mansion was when she was one of Hef’s blonde bombshells on ‘Girls Next Door’.  I want to know about Billy Corgan’s ET Contact.  I want to know why DJ Ashba is now running with aliens all over the place as he remarkets himself?  I want to know if people like Ryan Reynolds or Jack Black have had encounters of any kind?  I want to hear more stories like Ashley MacIsaac’s haunted fiddle.
The reason?  Like Tom Delonge, these people have pull in the public with their millions of followers on social media and their presence on stage, screen or television.  The public listens to their every word.  The public hangs on them dotingly, waiting for any snippet or tidbit of information they give publicly.  Believe it or not, this is good for our field.  It can help people in the paranormal collect more information from those who’ve been afraid to speak up before.  Why?  Many people look at their heroes with positive influence, and state, “If they can do it, so can I”!  Who knows how many videos, photos, and noteworthy encounters could come out if celebrities came out with their experiences as well.

But there’s a dark reason why most won’t.  There’s contracts, agents, publicists, commercials, tours, movies, book deals, that all stand in the way of these stories coming out to the forefront.  Privately, many of these these famous people love telling about their encounters.  I’ve had many people with famous friends tell me point blank the stories they’ve been told.  But I’ve been asked not to repeat them.  They don’t want that side going public.  For many, their careers, and their bank accounts are on the line.  They don’t want to be known as the so-called ‘psychic actor or singer’.  They don’t want to lose a role in a top rated movie because they admit to seeing aliens.  They don’t want the harassment that goes along with it either.  It doesn’t matter that television shows like X-Files or Supernatural have helped pave the way.  Television isn’t real life.  Real life, in celebrity land, is about leading as squeaky clean persona as possible.  That way the gigs keep on coming.  If that means paranormal and supernatural stories are to never be told, then, that’s the way it is.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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