“I Don’t Know”

William Pullin

A Historical Review

By William Pullin, UFO Historian

“I Don’t Know”

Greetings! “I don’t know.” The UFO community, if that term is anywhere close to being somewhat descriptive, tends to pushback against individuals who are cautious or skeptical in their approach to the UFO issue. I know from personal experience, for I am one of them. Now, it has not always been this way, in fact, in the past such cautious and skeptical individuals were welcomed, their positions and contributions added to the overall conversation. Nowadays, by contrast, the embracing of unsubstantiated claims, content which has not been vetted, and incorrect information is commonplace, with caution thrown to the wind. The Internet certainly has made the search for raw information far easier, but we cannot, and must not, assume that such information is accurate and true. On a personal note, I am often asked, whether in person or via some form of messaging, my positions about various topics specific to the UFO issue. Of course, I always answer such inquiries as best I possibly can, acknowledging that I may be incorrect in my conclusions. Sometimes (often) I respond with the dreaded “I don’t know.” That term can be problematic, but brutally honest, and such honest and direct responses are essential if we are going to make any headway in our search for defintive answers to the UFO problem. Emotion must be cast aside. Confirmation bias must be eliminated. Objectivity must be maintained. Integrity is essential. Thank you for your support and your precious time.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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