How Blind Is The UFO Community?

I’m writing this blog today out of haste, and if I make any spelling mistakes, I can honestly tell you that it’s going to be because I’m continuously eye rolling at the UFO community to the point where I almost want to run down my street screaming about how silly mostly everyone involved is acting these days.  No longer do we see thoughtful dialogue and ask in depth questions, as it’s been replaced by television shows, self made titles, popularity, and band wagon jumpers.  As my buddy, William Pullin, likes to say, gone are the days of critical thinking.  Personally, I don’t think William could have said it any better.
The latest debate coming out is about the resurgence of the infamous Alien Autopsy video.  You remember the one?  Where, in this seventeen minute black and white video, these alleged scientists from Area 51 were seen cutting up an extraterrestrial. These so-called aliens were discovered in the Roswell crash of 1947. The video was released in 1995, by Ray Santilli, as he represented it as an original, authentic video, which was given to him by a retired military camera man. The video was so mesmerizing and polarizing, that Fox television actually broadcast a special called ‘Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction’.  Eleven years later, in 2006, Santilli went public again stating the film was not authentic, and was a staged reconstruction of the real footage, which he claimed he had viewed back in 1992.  Santilli claimed they had to reconstruct the video because the original was deteriorated to the point it was unusable.  However, he stated a few of the original frames made it into the reenactment.
Fast forward to 2019, and the alien autopsy video is back, with Santilli making a full court press.  Grant Cameron finally popped his head out of his Winnipeg bunker to drop a bombshell that the alleged video was in fact real.  On the heels of the Admiral Wilson document release, Cameron posted some interesting Facebook posts and Twitter tweets about this.  Grant posted from Colin Woolford, “The footage is real and Ray and his team were threatened and made to change their story to it being a recreation in 2006. The canisters were confiscated including those with Truman. The first autopsy (seen by a few researchers) filmed by the cameraman went mysteriously missing.(some stills are available) This was why Ray could never offer any samples for testing other than those given by Bob Shell which was accurate and indeed indicated 1947. John Humphreys had no involvement other than making a poor copy of the being for the 2006 Ant and Dec disinformation film Alien Autopsy.”
Cameron went on to post a statement from Santilli himself, “After more than 23 years living with the subject I still maintain that the Alien Autopsy film I marketed was not a hoax and that the film is a restoration of original footage and undertaken with great expertise by extremely talented and experienced individuals. It is no different from what can be viewed in art galleries around the world where major works of art have been restored over hundreds of years by a variety of artists and skilled technicians, Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper is a perfect example. I doubt there is a single part of that painting today painted by da Vinci himself, yet it is regarded as a da Vinci masterpiece. With still image…paint, sealants and a variety of chemicals are used for restoration and with moving image… re-enactment and technology is used in the restoration process. I have purposely kept away from the fantasists and obsessional personalities who today have come out and stated they “made” the film and who have attempted to create a paper trail to prove an involvement. Logic would suggest that if their stories were even partly correct they could evidence other notable achievements over the years. None of them can. The film is a remarkable testament to a unique event in 1947 and the skills of the team used to restore the film.”
So now, in the UFO community, the gloves are off, to use a hockey term, all over social media as to whether or not the hoaxed video is a hoax or not? It’s laughable to say the least, because Santilli admitted it!  But here’s my question to everyone out there within the UFO community.  Are you looking in the right direction?  And do you even know what you’re looking for?  One of the most ignored pieces of evidence surrounding this entire alien autopsy fiasco is a chain of leaked emails.  Eleven pages of notes and emails that shows the real who’s who of ufology that a rare few seem to question.
The topic of ufology affects a lot of people.  We see that playing out today with the To The Stars Academy.  The way they’ve been able to control and manipulate the entire UFO field is actually quite an accomplishment.  It’s almost like ‘divide et impera’, the Latin phrase for divide and conquer attributed to Julius Cesar.  It’s actually been frustratingly beautiful to watch.  But that topic is for another day.
For those of you who don’t know, here’s the truth of the matter.  What do TTSA’s Jim Semivan, Dr. Hal Puthoff, Luis Elizondo, Chris Mellon, Dr. Colm Kelleher, have in common?  This alleged hand picked crew by Tom Delonge (in his official statement), all have years of working together on projects set up by billionaire Robert Bigelow.  They were a part of Bigelow’s studies and ownership of Skinwalker Ranch.  Bigelow Advanced Aerospace Space Sytems (BAASS).  The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS).  But hey, we’re believing Mr. Delonge hand picked this crew, right?  Oh the naivety.  Throw in a little Dr. Eric Davis, government scientist on the side as a beautiful garnish, and here you have a powerhouse of brilliant minds and internal government agents collaborating on the biggest secrets hidden right in front of your eyes.
While the UFO community reels around Admiral Wilson’s documents, Unidentified and their constant aerial drone footage of Luis Elizondo driving, the Alien Autopsy video, the Navy, Pentagon or the mainstream media, this group of connected scientists and spooks are doing real work to block, hide, and cover specific evidence from the public’s eyes.  It’s not about the Young Guns or the old timers.  These feuds have been created because it’s all part of the game that’s being played.  Why force the tough questions that need answering, when they, whoever they are, can bring out a shiny new video or topic to deflect the curious eyes onto a different narrative path.  The latest, of course, aliens getting dissected.
The UFO community is to blame, because there is no accountability, and there likely never will be.  Too much infighting.  Too much fakery.  Too many charlatans.  Not enough real journalists.  You get the picture.  Yet the big boys, those in the TTSA fold, who believe there is a REAL alien autopsy video out there, have seen it, and believe it to be true, continue to do their solid work without informing the public of the real information they are both seeking, and seeing.
Nobody, doesn’t matter whether it’s Grant Cameron, Richard Dolan, Linda Moulton-Howe, or whomever, is asking this question: With this same cast of characters, led by Robert Bigelow, why are they having success now?  They’ve failed to bring any sort of Disclosure or Confirmation to the table the last 30-plus years.  What’s different this time around?  Why are they all of the sudden, out of nowhere garnering the attention of television, government agencies, and more importantly, the mainstream media?  There are plenty who are surmising why.  But there are no concrete answers, because these all high and mighty truthers and warriors for the UFO public, are not taking those questions.  But hey, that’s okay, because there’s enough shiny objects out there to distract us from the real agenda that’s being played out.
Until the UFO community as a whole comes together for the real betterment of the cause, demanding answers from those who aren’t speaking, then this contentious cycle will continue.  There will be no end to it all because we all refuse to admit that in one way or another, we are being played for fools.  So people, open your eyes and see for yourself.  The evidence is right there.  Stop being so superficial and start digging deep into the who, what, where, when and mostly WHY?  It’s not about supporting one side or the other.  It’s about what is truly best for UFO researchers, investigators, and namely all of the experiencers out there who want to know, “Why me?”  But right now, they’re the forgotten bunch.  It’s tragic really.
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Author: Dave Scott

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