How About Using Experiencers For Science?

Dave Scott
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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio

How About Using Experiencers For Science?

Recently I was talking to a couple of scientists about some of the strange phenomena we encounter and discuss on Spaced Out Radio.  Getting to talk to people like this is both refreshing and overwhelming at times because I am so not a ‘science’ guy, and truly do find it hard at times to understand everything from the mechanics of basic science to quantum theory.  Both if which are discussed heavily when it comes to UFOs.  For me it sounds like a large amount of unpronounceable words, but to them, it makes perfect sense, as a scientist’s job is to prove or disprove theory of the known and unknown.  It’s very interesting to say the least because I feel that I am on a major learning curve right now.  A road that I have always refused to drive down, but feel like I’m pulling into that lane to see where it goes.  The people I am talking with right now are brilliant beyond words.  I am humbled that they’ve taken me under their wings to try and teach this stubborn, experienced journalist, by holding my hand and taking baby steps so I can understand where they want to go in the field, especially in Ufology.
But this has also led to some major questions that I have had the opportunity to ask as well.  The one point I learned in journalism is that there are no stupid questions.  Some questions may be ill-timed, but there are no stupid questions.  Every question out of a journalist’s mouth deserves an answer.  Depending on the timing of the situation of course.  And trust me, I’ve heard some very ill-timed questions posed to people in my days of holding a microphone at press conferences.  As I started thinking about scenarios within the UFO community, I started thinking about Skinwalker Ranch, because it’s a hot button topic right now with the start of the new television show on History channel.

Talking with one of the scientists who has recently been starting conversations with Skinwalker Ranch owner, Brandon Fugal, I started asking questions.  Now this scientist who is still relatively new to the phenomena and the field, because of his position and credentials, has had a quick introduction into the real players behind the scenes on a scientific level.  His hard work and connections over the years have made this adventure very possible.  During one of our conversations, we were talking about the great divide between those who are experiencers and those who are scientifically studying the phenomena.  The two sides are like reversed magnets that will never come together no matter how hard we try to push them together.  So this got both of us thinking, and thinking aloud we did.

One of the questions I had for said scientist was about Skinwalker Ranch.  How polarizing the place is and outside of those who have studied the paranormal phenomenon on location, there really isn’t a plentiful amount of evidence to know what’s truly going on in the Uintah Basin of Utah.  The way the UFO, Cryptid and Paranormal community treats the information coming out of Skinwalker Ranch is the way you’d treat a used car salesman who’s trying to sell you a lemon of an old car.  The question that I asked the scientist was if any true experiencers have ever been brought to Skinwalker Ranch to see what they can find with the alleged paranormal activity that surrounds the highly guarded facility?  When I say true experiencers, I’m talking about people like Chris Bledsoe or Samantha Mowat.  People who are openly having some sort of contact or experience nearly on a daily basis?  Now the scientist answered by saying that many of the people there have had experiences they couldn’t explain.  Which is quite true.  However, but I mentioned to the man of science, which I say with all respect, having an experience is different than being an multiple experiencer of the paranormal and supernatural.  People like Chris and Samantha are beacons of light, attracting aliens, monsters, shadow people, paranormal phenomenon around them everywehere they go.  Doesn’t matter whether they’re at home or on vacation in Hawaii!
To the best of his knowledge, my science friend didn’t believe that under Mr. Fugal or the previous owner, Robert Bigelow, that there were ever any real experiencers of that nature to ever go in and study what was going on.  It was all about scientists trying to find scientific ways to understand the happenings of the unknown at the Ranch.  To me, this defies logic.  If this is actually true.  That the owners have never gathered real experiencers to come in and be part of the study, what are these brilliant people actually missing?  What kind of intel, statistics, or diagnostics are they losing out on because of ignorance?    Many experiencers have the ability to communicate with the phenomena, and some can even summon in the activity.  Yet from what we know, this has not been an angel that’s ever been encouraged or studied at Skinwalker Ranch.  If it truly hasn’t been studied, why not?  What’s the fear?  Can’t be about talking about it because that’s what non disclosure agreements are for?  There are so many high quality experiencers out there who could probably help advance the scientific community in this field, that I’m not understanding why there’s so much chagrin towards the thought of combining the two.  I mean the scientists are in a controlled environment, and they’d be able to control their subjects for study.  This goes far beyond the stories of ‘WOO’ and conjecture.
Once again, we’re not really sure if this has actually taken place or not with real experiencers on location, but it was something did intrigue the scientist.  To be able to combine both fields would be wonderful.  Experiencers have first hand knowledge of the capabilities.  They just can’t break it down on a scientific scale to have any of it make sense.  For instance, there are people out there that can remote view or astral travel with great ease, but have no clue how they’re actually doing it.  They just know they can.  There are those who can talk to the dead like they would you or I, and they have no idea how they’re doing it.  They just know they can, as well.  For the scientific community to write this off is potential failing on the phenomena.  That’s if they haven’t studied it.
My scientist friend agreed.  It’s something where there is possibilities the two sides can and should be working together to see what they can create and study.  Once again, I don’t know if real, true experiencers have visited places like Skinwalker Ranch, but I’d be damn curious to know what happened if they have.  If they haven’t been part of the scientific investigation, then shame on the scientific community for leaving out a big part of the mystery that continues, and good luck in solving something your machines and scientific theories cannot prove.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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