Housekeeping And Other Notes!

Dave’s Write Away
By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Housekeeping And Other Notes! 
We will be taking this week off of live shows on Spaced Out Radio, as we will be doing some serious housekeeping around headquarters here in the mountains of British Columbia.  It’s all to make the show run smoother and have the studio functioning as it should.  We haven’t made any changes to our studio since we set it up in 2018.  Since the original setting up of the studio, we have learned a lot.  We used a lot of unnecessary patchwork, programs and unnecessary spending on equipment that really, in the end, has hindered us from accomplishing what we need to accomplish now, as we’ve advanced with the show not only for terrestrial radio, but for our surprisingly and rapidly growing YouTube following and live crowd as well.  We will be returning to air on Monday, September 21st, talking Bigfoot with Cliff Barakman.
It was a real highlight to interview Skinwalker Ranch owner Brandon Fugal on our segment ‘Science Bob & Friends’ with our guest host, renowned scientist, Bob McGwier.  For Brandon to go three hours talking about his infamous ranch in the Uintah Basin of Utah was an absolutely incredible experience.  I felt it was also a learning curve for me and our audience members to be able to have someone of his stature actually answering questions honestly, and openly.  Look, I know there are plenty of things Brandon knows that he likely can’t say due to contractual agreements with History Channel, as well as non-disclosure agreements that are set in place.  But I thought between Bob and myself, we hit him with some tough questions that he handled as a true professional.    Whether it was the activity taking place at the Ranch, or discussing the television show, which we learned was completely unscripted.
I can tell you, listening to Brandon talk about some of the happenings at Skinwalker really makes me want to get my Canadian butt down there to see what’s going on.  Have I been invited?  No.  Not at all.  But the intrigue that is happening there with the paranormal and supernatural beings is unbelievable.  I want to feel it.  I want to witness it.  I’d love to see the SWR Team bring in actual experiencers to see what they pick up, see or conjure up.  UFOs, weird beasts, portals, Skinwalkers, ghosts, poltergeists.  Yeah, that’s a perfect holiday for me.  I feel a calling down there to see for myself what’s going on.

For the bigfoot hunters out there, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  It’s that calling into nature as we have come to the season where we Sasquatch, the reigning hide and seek champion, is believed to be on the move.  As fall quickly approaches, we know that nature forces animals to start forging their way to any food source they can find.  The deer, elk, moose, rabbits and other animal vegans start their moves from the top of the mountains down to the forests and flat lands where the temperatures start to warm up, as the mountain ranges start to get colder every day now.  And where the food sources go, so do the predators.  So it’s speculated that Bigfoot, needing to eat protein, will follow the potential meaty meals to wherever they’re going.  As the animals head for lower elevations, it’s a good time for all of us curious people to take some trips into the wilderness.  Hey, you never know what you could see?  Maybe it’s your turn to see the elusive and shy hairy beast.