Homer Simpson And Leon Kompowsky: Truth Revealed

It was 1991, and time to watch The Simpsons. In the episode, titled Stark Raving Dad, Homer went to work wearing a pink shirt, whereupon his sanity was questioned. So, of course, he had to take a test to evaluate his mental stability, and of course, Bart took the test for him.
What next? Homer was committed to a mental hospital, where he met up with a very large bald man, named Leon Kompowsky, who believed he was Michael Jackson. Kompowsky made a phone call to the Simpson home for Homer, and reached Bart. Bart took a message for Marge, and was thrilled he had spoken to Michael Jackson.
And so the debate has raged for 27 years: “I’m certain that was Michael Jackson’s voice!”
“Oh, don’t be ridiculous! The credits say the voice belongs to a guy named, John Jay Smith.”
Finally, the truth is out. Simpsons’ creator, Matt Groening, stated in an interview with Australia TV series, The Weekly, that it was, indeed, Michael Jackson who did the voice work of Leon Kompowsky, doing the voice of Michael Jackson. Jackson did not want credit for his part in the show, so it was credited to John Jay Smith.
If anyone is out there who does not recall this episode, or did not see it, originally; the clip can be found on YouTube. All these years later, it’s still a fun watch. And you will recognize Jackson’s voice, instantly.
(Photo courtesy of Uproxx)