Here’s To Us


By Dave Scott, Host of Spaced Out Radio

One of my favourite songs is by a rock band called ‘Halestorm’. Their song ‘Here’s To Us’ could be a theme song for many in this world, as it’s about celebrating who we are and if others don’t like it, well like the lyrics say, “Tell them to go f—- themselves!” Look, if you’re into this weird field of the paranormal, as an investigator, researcher or just an experiencer who’s trying to figure out what’s happening to yourself, here’s to us! Here’s to us, for all of us who are working hard to get the message of the paranormal out there, with credibility and integrity. Here’s to us for those who are silent because they are too afraid to come out about their experiences. Here’s to us, for those who insult and ridicule people like us for wanting answers to our strange questions, because there’s nothing wrong with asking questions about anything.

Here’s to us who are out in the forests trying to prove the existence of Bigfoot or Dogman. Here’s to you for having the courage and the dignity to hold your head up high when people think you’re wasting your time and energy by doing something they feel is useless. Here’s to us for celebrating you taking the time and spending the money on gas, food, batteries, flashlights and operating equipment as you try and find the reigning hide and seek champion. Our wish in 2019 to you is to keep an open mind. Research for answers and not opinion. And to quote above, to those who make fun or mock you, tell them to go f—- themselves!

Here’s to us for the brave who come out annually to discuss their alien encounters. Some that are so scary you wouldn’t wish them on your worst enemy. Here’s to you for being brave and coming forward with what you’ve experienced, and for having the support you need to understand that you’re not alone! It takes a strong person to come out and ask questions as well as share their story about what’s happening or happened to them. Not everyone does that. Not everyone understands. It takes a strong person to come out and find answers when you know there is no one you can talk to about these alien visitations. Here’s to us for believing you and standing in front of you as well as behind you to make you feel comfortable in knowing that there is support and belief for you!

Here’s to us that are taking flir’s, K-2 metres, rem pods and so much more into some of the most haunted locations around the world. Here’s to you for seeking the thrill of the hunt, looking for those of another time who still roam the hallways, streets and graveyards from yester-year. Here’s to you for being proud to call yourself a paranormal investigator, as you look for evidence of life after death. Many people many not get you, but some of us do, and dammit, we’re proud of you! Here’s to us, for sharing all of these incredible haunted stories with those who want to believe but are too unsure or scared to do so. Here’s to you for facing the unknown with a smile on your face, and always ready to rock n’ roll with the ghosts who are ready for your visit!

Here’s to us for all of you UFO junkies out there who spend hours upon hours staring up at the stars looking for strange lights in the skies above. You crazy bastards really have so much more to do with your time that could be so much more productive, but you don’t! No, let’s go fire lasers up into the sky and see if some weird lights react! Orbs, black triangles, cigar shapes, classic saucers, who really cares? Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s frigging awesome. Here’s to you for uncovering the second most important story in mankind’s history next to Jesus himself showing up again. The truth is out there, so they say, and you are the bad asses who are out there looking for it! Here’s to us, for continuing the search even though there are government officials who would prefer we didn’t! Want to make a UFO searcher cry? Tell them it’s supposed to be cloudy all week! Here’s to us for loving what you do!

Here’s to us radio hosts who are out there busting it up trying hard to bring credibility and integrity to this field. It’s a tough gig to do, whether it’s once a week or every single day, but the job is worth it. Here’s to us for helping wake up the masses with the messages and stories we provide. Here’s to you, our fantastic listeners who know and understand that we are just more than sci-fi entertainment. Here’s to your dedication and love for someone who speaks to you. Here’s to us for understanding that without you, we’re really nothing. Here’s to you for patiently sitting through the bullshit shows, knowing that your host is going to try and bring his/her best to you anyways. Here’s to us for hanging out and getting to know each other!

Here’s to 2019! May your year, the last of the teens we’ll see in our lifetime for most of us, be filled with positivity and love. May you reach for the stars and grab that UFO and go for a ride. Here’s to you for keeping an open mind and open eyes because your next experience may be just around the corner. Here’s to us for hanging out together whether it’s in person or via phone or radio, because that time is important. Here’s to you for working hard and believing that this year can be the best year ever with hard work and dedication to yourself.

Because YOU are important, and YOU are worth it! Anyone tells you anything different, quote the song again, “Tell them to go f—- themselves!”

Love ya! And come join us in 2019!


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