Here We Go Again!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Here We Go Again!
The UFO World hit the big screen, err, I should say the big paper again, when Pulitzer Prize winner Ralph Blumenthal and freelance journalist Leslie Kean co-wrote another big piece in the New York Times that went absolutely viral, as their pieces normally do.  But up here in Canada, when it comes to the Canadian Government and UFOs, everything remains the same, which is absolutely silent.  Look, as much fun as it is to dabble in the U.S. side of UAP research and conspiracy, being a Canuck, I want to know what my government knows about this subject.
Canada and Canadians alike have always had a modicum of respect for one another.  Over time, the Canadian Government has perfected the idea that if we don’t talk about it, people will not ask questions.  But if people do ask, the government just simply ignores and doesn’t respond to the questions that need answers.  Like UFOs.
Canada has a proud heritage in Ufology, going back 70+ years with Wilbert Smith.  In December 1950 Smith helped set up Project Magnet under the guise of Transport Canada to look into unidentified flying objects.  At the time, Smith was a radio engineer for Transport Canada’s Broadcast and Measurements Section.  It was Smith’s idea to study UFOs, to try and collect data and apply current science of the time to figure out what they were. According to Project Magnet research, typed out on Wikipedia, “The ultimate goal of the project was to apply any findings on the subject of geomagnetism to the possibility of exploiting Earth’s magnetic field as a source of propulsion for vehicles. Smith and his colleagues in government believed that UFOs, if real, might hold the key to this new source of power. A small-scale undertaking, the project used DOT facilities, with some assistance from personnel at the Defence Research Board (DRB) and the National Research Council. In June 1952 Smith issued a preliminary report arguing that UFOs likely came from intelligent, extraterrestrial sources and almost certainly manipulated magnetism for flight. A 1953 report reiterated these conclusions. Also in April 1952 the Canadian government established Project Second Storey, a parallel UFO research project, with Smith also involved. It consisted of a group of scientists and military officers who met periodically to consider the UFO question and to recommend government action. Smith reported to Second Storey on some of Project Magnet’s findings and conclusions.”  Project Magnet was shut down in 1954.

Fast forward to 1967, where the year coincided with Canada’s Centennial as a country.  In May, Manitoba prospector Stefan Michalak literally walked up on a landed UFO, which is now known as the Falcon Lake Incident.  The disc shaped craft took off burning a weird pattern of dots on his shirt which burned right onto his chest.  This is the best case in North America where physical evidence is plentiful.   On July 3rd, 1967, Paul Hellyer opened up a UFO landing pad in St. Albert, Alberta in honour of Canada’s birthday; showing that everyone, including aliens, are welcome in the Great White North.  October 3rd, 1967, a UFO crashed into the bay in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, with hundreds of eye witnesses, from the Canadian and U.S. Navy, to members of the RCMP, and citizens alike.  This event became known as ‘Canada’s Roswell’.

On Tuesday, June 30th, I was challenged by a good friend of Spaced Out Radio’s, named Drex, who used to host a show across Canada called ‘The Shift’ on the Corus Radio Network.  He egged me on to send some questions to Canadian Members of Parliament to see if they’d discuss the topic of Canada’s role in UFOs.  What does the Canadian Government know about the UAP phenomenon that has become so prevalent in the United States?  So I took him up on the challenge.  In Canada, there are three major parties sitting in the House of Commons.  There’s the Liberal Party who run the house on a minority government currently.  There’s the Official Opposition of the Conservative Party.  Then there’s the third party called the NDP or New Democratic Party.  I decided that I would randomly pick three members of each party and send them an email asking them what they know.

Here is the original email:

Dear Member of Parliament,

My name is Dave Scott, and I host one of the most popular radio shows in North America called Spaced Out Radio.  I am Canadian.  I live in central British Columbia.  I am a voter.  And I am also a citizen who would like questions answered and possibly be pointed in the proper direction for a highly controversial topic, involving Canada’s air space.

Since the 1940’s, Canada has had an interest in National Security regarding our air space.  From the Cold War through today, there has been an historic and vested interest in the idea that we have been visited by Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, which has been investigated by our country’s security branch, starting with Wilbert Smith and Project Magnet.  Project Magnet was approved by the Department of Transportation on December 2nd, 1950 to collect data on UFOs, led by Mr. Smith who was a civil engineer at the time.  This project was also given credence by the Defense Research Board and the National Research Council at the time.   Fast forward to 1967, there were two major incidents.  First, on May 19, the Falcon Lake Incident, where the Department of National Defense investigated the close encounter prospector Stefan Michalak had with a UFO, which has been highly documented by researcher, Chris Rutkowski.  Then on October 3rd, 1967, the Shag Harbour UFO incident where one allegedly crashed into the bay with hundred of witnesses from military, RCMP and civilians alike telling the same story.  Interestingly enough, both of these incidents have been deemed ‘historical’ and part of Canada’s ‘heritage’, according to the Canadian Mint, who created and sold out special coins to mark the occasions.  I didn’t know UFO crashes and contact were a part of Canada’s heritage.

Former Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer, who at the age of 96, is still an active member of Canada’s Privy Council.  As well, he has been a vocal proponent that Canada is one of several nations in this world who have had extraterrestrial contact.  In fact, I have a quote from an email I received from the Honorable Mr. Hellyer that I would like to share with you.  “I am told that there is a group that occupies one floor of the National Research Council building.  A former Mountie confirmed in writing that the RCMP were involved, and inadvertently told him that Canada had been in touch with two alien species on the assumption that he was in the loop, but went mum as soon as they realized he wasn’t.”  The Honorable Mr. Hellyer also stated in that email, “I would guess that a very small clique of the civil service are quite well informed but have strict instructions not to discuss the subject outside of their own little circle.  Politicians are seldom if ever in the loop because they talk too much.  This would only partly apply to the Minister of National Defence who would be told a little bit but certainly not anything of significance concerning the Special Operations (Black Ops).”  This is a man who has been cherished for more than seven decades in Canadian politics.  Would he not be telling the truth without sacrificing any non-disclosure agreements?

With this being said, in the United States currently, Marco Rubio has recently asked for tax money to be invested in learning more about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena to be enacted in the budget for the U.S. Intelligence Committee, to publicly learn more about what is engaging military and civilian airspace, to help determine whether or not this is hostile and threatening from another country to American lives, but also to determine whether or not these craft being seen are from earth or somewhere else?

I also know, thanks to writer and Winnipeg native, MJ Banias, who researches the UFO topic for magazines such as VICE and Popular Mechanics, that previous to the 2019 Federal Election, that he was contacted by a sitting, male, Conservative MP’s aide about the subject.  The aide wanted to know how this federal politician should handle the question about Canada’s role with UFOs if the mainstream media were to ask the question, since it was becoming a hot button topic in the United Stares. This aide also asked Mr. Banias whether or not he expected the UFO topic to come up during the election.  The topic, as you know, did not come up.  But the fact that a sitting MP from the prairies was asking about this question leads me to believe this has been a topic of discussion among parties and colleagues that the MSM has yet to ask about.  The irony of it all is all major newspapers, radio stations and television stations in Canada ran the videos of the three declassified United States Navy UFO videos, and not a single reporter asked any Member of Parliament on the record about what does Canada know about the subject?  What is our involvement with UAP research?  As well, what is our role in NORAD regarding this subject?  

I personally have had a conversation with a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police regarding this subject.  The story was also confirmed to me by a 25-year RCMP dispatcher who knows and understands the protocol.  If someone calls in a UFO sighting to their local RCMP Depot, the Staff Sergeant must immediately call Headquarters in Ottawa, who contacts NORAD to dispatch the two closest CF-18 Hornets to try and intercept the craft.  If the craft is on the ground, landed, the RCMP are to cordon off the area until the military can arrive, to make sure any contact with an extraterrestrial species is under a controlled environment.  The dispatcher went as far as to tell me that any calls regarding UAPs in the area are of top priority over almost any other calls that the resident SSGT must deal with effective immediately.  She’s seen it happen.

Members of Parliament have been intriguingly silent over this subject which has caused much media attention from our neighbours to the south.  I would be willing to talk with any one of you on this email list, either privately or publicly regarding this sensitive subject, at your discretion.  The public has a right to know about the following:

1) What is Canada’s role in investigating Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon?
2) Are these craft entering our air space being looked at by an agency or is this strictly NORAD protocol?
3) Have you personally discussed this matter privately or publicly with any other MP or Party Leader?
4) Has this come up in any party discussions behind closed doors?
5) How do you feel knowing that private agencies in Canada could be looking into this phenomenon without your knowledge?
6) If the United States is looking into the threat phenomenon seriously, shouldn’t Canada as well?
7) At what point should this be a topic of discussion in the House of Commons?
8) Are you familiar with this subject, and if not, why not?  If so, what do you know?9) What is the Canadian Armed Forces roll in UFO research, studies or interception, since we know they’ve done so in the past?
10) Where is the accountability for this subject, which not only affects every single Canadian, but also every person on this planet, if we are being visited by an extraterrestrial presence?

The idea of whether or not we are alone in this Universe is still a mystery that is valid and open for discussion.  I send this email to you not to make you uncomfortable, but with facts that there is a massive amount of information looming, and we as Canadian citizens have the right to know what Canada knows about the UFO phenomenon.  The research is very easy to find.  Google works beautifully for this.  Along with previous FOIA requests by researchers looking for answers.  I ask that you take this email in a serious matter as you would for all questions that come into your constituency offices.

I look forward to your reply!

Best regards,

Dave Scott,

Host, Spaced Out Radio
Freelance Journalist

Of the nine politicians who received this email, a total of ZERO responded.  The nine are from the Liberal Party of Canada; Marc Garneau (former Astronaut), Bill Morneau (Finance Minister) and Harjit Sajjan (Minister of Defense and CAF Veteran).  From the Conservative Party, I picked Cathy McLeod because I live in her Constituency.  Michelle Rempel who is very outspoken on social media.  As well as Marc Strahl, who holds the title of Party Whip.  From the NDP, I chose Matthew Green, Randall Garrison and Jack Harris.  Now, granted, I also allotted for the fact that due to COVID-19, the chances of them getting back to me was slim.  But I waited twenty four days after no response back, I then sent this:

Hi there,
Back on July 1st, I sent an email to nine Canadian Federal politicians asking about the UAP/UFO Phenomenon and Canada’s role and knowledge of the subject.  As a tax payer, voter, citizen and journalist, I’m disheartened to see that out of nine politicians emailed, not a single one has returned my email, even with a ‘No Comment’, including my own MP, whom I voted for.

Yesterday, July 23rd, 2020, the New York Times released a new article on the UFO subject, and the fact that the United States Government, who is our closest friend and ally, has a watchdog group that has been looking into this phenomenon for the last 13+ years.  Senator Marco Rubio from Florida has broached this subject in the mainstream media recently saying that United States airspace is being invaded by unknown technology and they want to find out what it is.

So I am asking once again, with serious overtones, what is Canada’s role in this phenomenon.  This is a subject that cannot be pushed under the rug.  Our allies are taking this subject with seriousness.  Why aren’t we?

I still have the original email below, if you haven’t read it yet.  We need to discuss this matter either publicly or privately.  As a professional journalist, I am fulling willing to go ‘Off The Record’ with these discussions.

Dave Scott,
Host, Spaced Out Radio

So far, no response!

The fact is Canada is the United States’ closest ally.  We have the largest and longest undefended border in the world.  We share responsibilities in NORAD.  It’s only obvious that if anything flies over North American airspace, it’s going to catch the attention of both countries.  But what exactly is Canada’s role?  We have no idea.  They won’t talk about it.  They should.  Maybe the Members of Parliament are a little to naive to the subject because it’s so covert they don’t even know it exists.  That being said, most Canadians think ‘Healthcare’, ‘Education’ and ‘Infrastructure’ first before military or defense spending.  The Canadian media for some reason will run the UFO news out of the USA, but will completely fumble the story and forget to ask anyone in Ottawa on what they know about UAP’s flying in Canadian Airspace.  Does that make sense?  Of course it doesn’t.

So sometimes, you have to pick up the ball and run with it.  That’s what we’re doing!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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