HELLO 2018!

2018!  Here we are!  Happy New Year to you, and your family and friends.  I truly hope this fresh start of the year leads to all of your dreams and aspirations to come true.  Like most of you, we are hoping for the same around Spaced Out Radio Headquarters.  And we are looking for this coming year to be our take off point to bigger ad better things as well.
In 2018, our goal around SOR is to take this show to the next level.  We are striving to become a player in the terrestrial and satellite radio business.  With everything that’s going on in the world, with UFO Disclosure, as well as more and more people becoming interested in the paranormal realm, I feel it’s hugely important to try and capitalize on this opportunity.  The time is now to be honest, and we are currently working on a plan which will see us take off early this year.  It’s exciting to think that it was just over three years ago, Spaced Out Radio wasn’t even a thought, and now, here we are.  I’ve very proud of the accomplishment, and every listener should be as well.  For if it wasn’t for the listeners engaging our show and putting their trust and faith in what we do on a nightly basis, we would be nowhere close to where we are now.  150,000 listeners a night is nothing to sneeze at.  It’s impressive, and it’s a grassroots following that continues to grow, which is humbling to say the least.  I naively have always had the confidence that we could push this show to high levels, and we’re almost there.
We have had interest from radio stations across the United States and Canada looking for that fresh new overnight voice to fill the void in untapped programming, and that’s what we are striving for.  We don’t feel we have competition because we are unique.  Sure there are bigger and more successful shows out there.  I consider them mentors, whether it’s the Coast to Coast crew, Jimmy Church, Clyde Lewis.  Every one of their shows is unique to them and their audience.  What we are planning on doing with SOR is cutting our teeth to create our own niche.  Given the opportunity, I think we can be one of those solid voices for the paranormal community.  Now that does mean there will be some changes coming to the show.  We are looking at making it a four hour format once I am doing this as a full time job, and revenue is streaming in.  We also plan on changing up the format a bit.  We want to start taking more callers in this show and involve our audience a little bit more.  We will be adding more news, and a couple of new features like the ‘Thought of the Dave’, which we will end the night on.  ‘Thought of the Dave’ is a question I will put on Facebook that morning, and I will read your responses live on the air and discuss them near the end of the program.  It’s another way to get the audience involved in the show.  I think it’s highly important that we stick to our values with any changes to programming that we make.  Those values include you, the audience members.
We also want to add in a news section to the beginning of our program going over some of the weird and strange stories of the day, along with some news from around the world.  No, I’m not looking at going political, because I don’t want this show to be about that.  People listen to us because we try as hard as we can to stay away from the political game.  It’s not a fun one at all.  I’ve heard our audience speak about this, and they’re not fans of it.  However, if the story transcends into a topic that we cover on the show, then we need to get into it.  For instance, let’s say another large, mass shooting happens like what happened in Las Vegas, we need to cover it.  We have to.  If it affects us all, we will get into it.  Now I’m not interested in covering Government budgets or things like that.  But if it’s something that affects people, I think it has to be discussed.  That’s part of the medium we’re in.  It doesn’t mean we’re going to stray from the show topics.  Not at all.  People listen to us because we are getting into the weird and strange.  That will be the continued focus.  But we will look for more topics along true crime, and some current events.  But the goals are to stay away from topics like fear mongering, end of the world type bullshit, and politics on a grand level.
I do want to remind people that we do have a Go Fund Me page going right now as we look to raise funds to build a new studio to prepare for terrestrial radio.  Look, I want to come out and mention that I’ve never been a big supporter of crowd funding.  In fact, the only time I have ever donated was $100 for a friend of mine down in Florida, as he and his wife were trying to raise money to adopt a second child.  Good hearted people that I know personally who deserve a family.  I’ve always been one of those people who has the attitude that if you don’t have the ability to pay for something yourself, then you don’t get it.  However, this time, we are in a conundrum where I felt I had no choice but to set one up.  We are at a critical state with SOR where we need to quickly upgrade our studio in preparation for terrestrial radio.  Every dime we raise from www.gofundme.com/WeOwnTheNight will go towards building our new studio, which will improve the technology and the sound of the show.  It’s something we need to do to grow the show, and take it to that next level.  It’s not a choice.  Like I said, it’s something that I didn’t want to have to do but at this point, there was no choice.  But to reach our goals, efficiently and quickly, it was something I had to make a decision on, which was to go for it.  We are so far so thankful for those who have donated to this point.  It’s unbelievable and humbling to see the loving support of SOR from our audience members.  So maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea.  However, pride is a huge factor, which is why we work so hard to make sure we are on top of our game every night of the week.
There are many people I want to thank heading into 2018.  First off I want to start off with our team.  Amy, Eric the Preacher, Bob, Joe, Elizabeth, Tim, Jolene and Michael are amazing individuals who tirelessly work to try and make us the best we can be on a ZERO budget.  It’s a belief in the cause and seeing the bright light at the end of the tunnel that keep them going.  I also want to thank our affiliates, Joe Montaldo from UPRN, thanks for allowing us to broadcast to your huge audience nightly.  Joe Rupe from The Fringe FM, it’s great to own the night with your listeners.  Ryan O Neil from WQEE thanks for giving us an opportunity to broadcast terrestrially from your Georgia radio station.  To all of our friends at Revolution Radio, and our dedicated listeners, it’s a pleasure to bring our show onto the Double R Machine nightly.  We also thank both the High Plains Talk Radio Network and Renegade Talk Radio for their awesome support as well.  But honestly, the biggest thank you goes to the listeners.  Our Twitter crowd at #SpacedOutRadio is snarky as ever, but they are good people who are there to have a great time.  And we’re glad we’re the show they chose to listen to.  Our great fans on Spreaker, who chat every night and usually get more than 1,200 comments a night on average.   And our veteran listeners in the SOR Space Travelers group, like Bill, Joe, Gail, Ron, Gloria, Claudia, Aussie Rob, and Michael make it so much fun.  I also want to point out some of our great guests, from R Keith Andrews, and the Crypto Guru, Ronald Murphy, to Rachel Kirkland, Mike Morin, David Weatherly, John Tenney, Ian Holt, Butch Witkowski, Jamie Sexton, along with Eric Cooper and Corey Ruiz from Forest Moon Paranormal who are willing to help out at any time.  I also want to thanks Kerri Mingo, Cory Greaves, Wendy Holte, and Marc and Tara Spender who help out with our local ghost hunts and are huge supporters of the paranormal. And last, but certainly not least, we want to thank Mr. Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal for allowing us to use his amazing music.  A true show has incredible theme music behind it, and the Guitar God provides the great sound we need to rock us into every show.
So to all of you, I hope you enjoy and continue to spread the word about Spaced Out Radio.  We’re going to continue working hard for all of you with the best effort we can to assure great content and audience involvement with SOR.  You’re the reason we’re pushing so hard to make it.  You will continue to get our best.
Dave Scott can be heard on Spaced Out Radio at www.spacedoutradio.com every Monday through Friday at 9pm PT, 12am ET.  Follow Dave on Twitter @SpacedOutRadio and on Instagram @DaveScottSOR

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