Have We Been Contacted?

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Have We Been Contacted?
The story of UFOs, especially in the mainstream media, have taken off over the last couple of months.  So much so that media outlets around the world are watching the American newswires for anything on this highly controversial topic as to whether or not we are alone in the universe.  A couple of months ago I started really asking the question, first privately then on Spaced Out Radio about ‘why now’?  Why is it all important for humanity to know whether or not there’s an alien presence out there, somewhere.  On 60 Minutes a couple of years ago, Robert Bigelow stated to reporter Lara Logan that people didn’t have to leave earth and go searching in the stars to find alien life.  Bigelow stated, “They’re already here!”  The impact of that statement should have been grilling for Bigelow by Logan, but unless it was edited out, Logan dropped the ball on asking what he meant by that.  It goes further than that. Lue Elizondo is on a whirlwind tour of media outlets both in the mainstream and fringe media.  Dropping bombs like crash retrievals recovered before Roswell.  Stating that the new video released by Jeremy Corbell is in fact real.  Which was subsequently confirmed by the Pentagon and the US Navy.
It really is interesting times as more and more people are speaking about this once forbidden topic.  But as we stated in a previous blog and on the show, ‘why now’?  To me, there comes only two possible conclusions.  One I don’t believe.  The second, as an experiencer, makes much more sense.
#1) A false flag alien invasion.  Now we know false flags are a touch subject.  One such false flag event that proved to be true was the start of the Vietnam war, where it was alleged that the United States was fired upon in the Gulf of Tonkin where the Vietnamese Navy fired upon the USS Maddox with torpedoes, which started the 10,000-day war.  Fact is, it never happened.  So there is a pattern of events here, and others from around the world that show in order to start a conflict, countries are willing to use propaganda.  Could we see this with an alien invasion?  If we go back in recent history, people like Dr. Stephen Greer have been claiming his ‘sources’ within the U.S. Government have told him that in order to control the people on the planet, there will be a false flag operation surrounding an alien invasion put on by the United States Air Force.  Now on a scale of one to ten, with ten being most likely to happen, I give this a one.  I don’t think this is the case.  I don’t think we’re going to see this happen.  This ‘false flag’ event would affect everyone on this planet.  Unless every government in the world is ‘in’ on it, I can’t see this happening at all.
#2) We have been contacted!  Now this I believe.  In my personal processing and talking to people who are closer to being ‘in the know’ than I will ever be, to be the biggest question regarding all of this phenomenon over the last few years has been ‘why now’?  What is the level of importance that these stories of encounters between U.S military aircraft, ships and installations is all of the sudden a cause for concern?  Look, if you’ve taken any time to look into this, we know this has been happening for decades.  The incidents with the nuclear missile silos in North Dakota happened in the 60’s and 70’s.  But the media hype is something this field has also been yearning for the last few decades as well.  The public is starting to take this seriously.  But that’s beside the point.  There’s always a reason for information, so what is that information for ‘why now’?  I believe a date has been set.  I believe governments like the U.S.A. have been in contact for a while now.  But this time, without sounding too much in the ‘WOO’, I believe a date has been set.  I think they, whomever they are, are on their way, and they’ve let it be known.  I don’t know when or where.  But that’s my gut feeling in all of this.  Could it be this year?  I highly doubt it.  Things take time to prepare.  Five years from now?  At the earliest.  Probably closer to 20-years.  Do I have any proof on this?  No.  I have none.  But truthfully for me, and maybe some of you, it makes sense?
Nothing any Government does is on a whim or a prayer.  For things like this, it’s been well thought out, with years of preparation.  In fact, the US Military has game plans all in place for everyone, even if Canada invaded the mighty superpower. So, with an entire regimen of Space Force, which is likely involved with this subject along with the Navy and Air Force, I believe there is a plan in place for this exact type of contact to come through and set up a date.  Now, if there is a date, I highly doubt we as the public, would be made aware of such an occurrence.  Who knows if it would even happen on United States soil?  My guess, Antarctica is pretty barren for something like this to happen.  I know this sounds like a plot right out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but it’s entirely plausible at this point.  I think we need to understand there may be a great possibility that we are about to have the shock of our lifetimes.  Are we prepared?  Definitely not.  But breaking humanity in now with ease and understanding shows the current narrative could be leading that way.
Look after 70-years of cover-ups and denial this story doesn’t make sense.  Why now could be the most important question that isn’t being asked to anyone in the know, by anyone who has the ability to make a difference in getting the message out.  Imagine if Tucker Carlson of Fox News or the New York Times’ Ralph Blumenthal asked that question?  They have the power and the audience to get reaction from those who are withholding the answer.  Their mediums are too large to allow for a nonchalant answer.   But

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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