Guidebook To Spiritual Journeys

Find What Your Soul Is Seeking Here

By Serena Dracis

Guidebook To Spiritual Journeys

This is Part One of my free blog-book, Guidebook to Spiritual Journeys. A roadmap to cultivating your own spirituality amid current events. Learn how developing and exercising  your critical thinking can help you maintain your inner Zen.

I’ve been following spiritual, paranormal, and conspiracy theory for decades. I’m old school. I remember when Roswell first broke, but I knew long before that UFO’s were real. I knew ghosts, spirits, even whole other realms beyond the physical were every bit as real as this 3D Earth we all know so well.

It was not an easy journey. It never is.

I’m writing this series because I was quite frankly guided to.

I’ve had a successful professional life in two careers that require high-level critical thinking, problem solving, and risk assessment. I also have direct experience, long practice, and extended study around the topics of paranormal, psychic abilities, animal communication, and so-called conspiracy theory. Through many years and multiple classes, seminars, intensive trainings, as well as filling a library with books on anything that caught my interest, I pursued these topics out of pure intellectual as well as spiritual exploration. I wasn’t trying to prove anything to anyone but myself. It was strictly for my own personal growth.

Until just a few years ago…

I’ve watched this arena explode in the past few decades.

I was there at the beginning, with Art Bell and Coast to Coast. My awakening was seeing my first UFO when I was just a kid. I don’t remember the exact year, but I know it was before 1977.

I have watched the proliferation of experts, coaches, gurus, and every other spiritual intuitive with much interest. I felt so isolated in so many ways when I was younger.

Back in my day…

I was the weird kid who got side eye. There wasn’t the vast resource of the Internet. It was libraries, and Dewey Decimal system. Looking back I can see how the adversities caused by the experiences of my younger years spurred my growth and brought about revelations.

Discovering much later in life that I was no longer the strangest kid in class answered so many long-sought questions that in short, it intensified my search and practice.

I know there are plenty out there who have gone through experiences similar to mine, and in a similar time-frame. We know what we saw, what we felt, and experienced. We had our awakenings long before a lot of these brand-new spiritual coaches were born. It is encouraging and frankly, a relief to see that the mass awakening is happening; as so many who came before expected.

Yep. Lots of us saw some version of this coming. Whether through psychic visions, channelings, or through observation of society trends this mass awakening is no surprise to many.

But we who expected this evolution and mass awakening know there are a whole bunch who are waking up from a deep sleep like they just got doused with cold water.

They are the ones we need to reach out to, and offer loving support and guidance.

I know someone needs to hear these words. If it’s just one person, then my work is done.

Honestly, I didn’t want to talk about this stuff. I wanted to write fiction, and use that to retire, and just have my happy PNW life.

My Guides had other ideas. Yep. Spirit Guides. Non-bodied, benevolent beings who are my spiritual advisors. Exactly who and what they are is for another time and place.

When I realized my meditations had become clear communication with higher-dimensional beings, I tested them. I tested myself. I asked for specifics to be verified. I asked for assistance, and I received.

The tl/dr is:  They proved to be true. Over and over again. About a lot of different things.

If I’d been better at paying attention to them, my spiritual journey might not have been so…

Today, in spiritual communities, there is a pattern of behaviors repeated over and over. The newly-spiritual person, awakening and exploring brand-new psychic senses such as empathy, telepathy, and energy healing posts frequently in online spiritual groups. The postings follow a general theme. There’s first a rush, and an expansion. There are a lot of questions, and “what does this mean?” Then comes a realization or experience that often leads to unpleasant emotions, and feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes feeling lost, sometimes fear, or apprehension from experiences that become more vivid or intense.

This is common. This is normal. It’s part of human experience and pretty much everyone is going through something similar to varying degrees of intensity.

This happens when we confront old, unhealed wounds or trauma from our past, either our current, or a previous life. These old wounds surface, and want to be healed. It is part of our life’s journey, both in the physical and the spiritual to call these forth and give them the forgiveness and healing they need.

Finding your path and navigating through these wounds, healing them, is your own individual course. However there are common pitfalls that many encounter, and consulting with like-minded friends, whether online or irl, can definitely help you understand your process.

It’s a great idea to ask questions and get insight from others. Their experiences can absolutely help guide you. You know though, in the end, it’s you who decides and chooses your path.

If you find you’ve fallen back into behaviors you thought you’d changed, first, pause and take a deep breath. Give yourself love and forgiveness, while acknowledging mistakes happen. Realize that you can forgive yourself, and move forward, adapting to your new, healed self.

It’s easy to fall back into old habits and patterns. They’re comfortable, they’re familiar, and these new senses bring awareness to areas lots of folks don’t want to look at, especially within themselves. They frequently bring awareness to areas previously considered “fake” or “not real” which is very challenging to accept. We naturally don’t want to look at something that’s uncomfortable to consider. Which makes it easy to look away. I know these behaviors so well because I looped through them myself. Several times.

It can be overwhelming out there in the Internet, seeking guidance in spiritual and psychic matters. It’s all so…feel-y, and there are so…many…opinions.

Am I right? How do you know which ones to explore?

Critical thinking and discernment are vital skills in determining information that’s not only valid, but appropriate for you. This is because a lot of the information we have thrown at us these is days is…junk. Along with some really amazing and fantastic stuff that’s actually true.

Part of the adventure is figuring out which is which.

And my Guides said – Write about it. Share what you know and went through.

So here I am. If it helps one person then, awesome. That’s all that matters.

Specifically, I’m talking to a certain group of people out there. I am talking directly to you, the newly awakened. Those who’ve had experiences they can’t explain or understand and they want to know more. If you’re skeptical, or confused, hey I was there too. You are most definitely not alone.

There’s a whole lot of you.

Fairly recently, you started seeing that the world is not at all like you’ve been told. Things you’ve always thought, or were specifically told were impossible are showing up for you with increasing regularity. These might fall into any number of broad categories:

  • Ghosts
  • Non-physical, and non-human beings
  • Psychic abilities
  • UFO’s
  • Conspiracy Theory

You’ve started questioning the state of reality, and opening up to the existence of non-physical planes of existence. You are actively looking for more information. Specifically, you’re looking for good information. Something you can validate on your own, that helps clarify what you’re seeing and experiencing in the wider world.

You know there’s a ton of info on the Web, you’re just not sure if it’s good info.

What if  you had a way to develop your own inner guidance? Your intuition, aka your natural psychic abilities can be practiced, exercised, and honed like any skill.

You can also use these to sharpen your critical thinking skills. We’ll cover critical thinking and how to exercise it in today’s online environment in later posts.

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