Grappling With Ufology

Grappling with Ufology…

By Aletheia Kardov

Suspend Your Disbelief…
There are many narratives that have played in front of the world that seem to mask what may or may not have occurred in some of the most famous of cases. Some of these instances have been debated heavily for decades and we are still no closer to an answer.
There are buzzwords that are thrown around, heroes and villains that have been created, some loved, some loathed and huge events throughout history that are always referred to as the foundation and genesis of it all going back for more than 70 years. All you simply need to do is “suspend your disbelief” and you may find yourself down a rabbit hole of wonder, awe, mystery and drama.
The Powers That Be…
Control the narrative, insert new narratives and sometimes change the history entirely without much explanation that leaves many bewildered. There have been many controversies where characters have broken cover and said things they shouldn’t and there have been whistle-blowers reporting dodgy goings on behind the curtain that have “endangered” the safety of those involved.
There are instances where you must continue to suspend your disbelief, so that you can continue observing the characters and narratives presented to you. There are believers, sceptic’s and those that simply do not care for it. If people find out that you are interested in this topic, they are usually the first to tell you that it’s all nonsense, its fake and why are you wasting your time watching it all?
Are you not entertained?
It’s easy to apply this logic to Ufology but I am talking about Wrestling or as its now called “Sports Entertainment” but the similarities with Ufology are quite striking don’t you think?
The issue is with the entertainment label, how much of Ufology is about the actual real investigation in explaining what the phenomenon is and how much is based on entertainment with no real attempt to solve the mystery?
How many people within the field, want the mystery solved and if their job security and paying the bills depended upon it – would it be in their best interest to solve the mystery or propagate it further?
The issue with Ufology as I see it is this; if you look at all the money, development and time that goes into the entertainment aspect of Ufology vs resources allocated to studying the topic in terms of a scientific approach to make progress in explaining what “it” is? – Entertainment wins hands down…every time. Do people want the phenomenon solved or are they more in love with the mystery, wonder and entertainment it all brings?
I started this article talking about Wrestling – this is a quote from the late great Rowdy Roddy Piper;
“Just When You Think You Know the Answers, I Change the Questions”
Maybe we need to start over, disregard the answers we think we know and change the questions we ask regarding ufology for any chance of real progress.

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