Grant Cameron’s Wilson/Davis Panel, A Gathering Of Excellence

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By Gail Hodson Shirk

Grant Cameron’s Wilson/Davis Panel
A Gathering Of Excellence 

Sunday, July 6, 2020 was a day I won’t soon forget. UFO researcher extraordinaire, Grant Cameron, held a panel discussion on the development and status of controversial Wilson/Davis documents. His guests were reminiscent of the spectacular July 4th fireworks I watched two days earlier. And I mean spectacular!

I am not going to describe each person’s part and experience, which is helping bring forth the truth of the Wilson/Davis documents. You need to hear these people, yourselves. What I will do is introduce the panel here, and encourage each reader to quickly head over to YouTube, and watch the panel discussion, drawing your own conclusions. Fascinating, interesting, compelling, intriguing, exciting; I can go on and on with my reaction to the discussion. But, please watch for yourself.

First, there is Grant Cameron, and his co-host Richard Dolan. Next, we have Australian, James Rigney. Then, Paranormal Lawyer, Michael W. Hall, J.D., Ufo Joe, Joe Murgia, Dr. Bob McGwier, and James, who Cameron mentioned does not use his last name, but is instrumental in this quest, nonetheless. Next is Danny Silva who produces Silva Record, and Melinda Leslie who arrived a bit late after just having had a two hour phone call with TTSA’s Jim Semivan.

These guests each added to the documents’ history, who received them, and how they dealt with them. I have followed this story from the very beginning of this most recent incarnation. It was during a discussion with Spaced Out Radio host, Dave Scott, that Grant Cameron enthusiastically proclaimed he had evidence “that its’s all true! It’s all true, and it will change how we think about everything!” At that time, Cameron had not told anyone, besides this vague proclamation to Dave Scott, what he had been given, and wasn’t ready to talk about it; but there was no doubt he believed completely in what he had in his hands. Now, as each panel guest explained his experience and conclusions, the veracity of the documents are becoming exquisitely clear.

After having had almost a full day to assimilate all I heard, yesterday, I seriously encourage everyone who cares about the UFO phenomenon to watch the panel discussion, and draw your own conclusion. It is the most worthy video on which you can spend your time, today.






Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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