For most of you who read this, you’re already believers in paranormal investigations.  There will be some who are critical of what is going on.  And then there will be some who don’t believe in the phenomenon at all.  The beautiful part about it is we’re all allowed our opinions about what is truly going on?  We do know there are people out there who are suffering from some sort of extraordinary phenomenon that is inexplicable to most of us, even those who investigate thoroughly.  I have been on ghost hunts and investigations before, and even I have found myself looking at the locations and the supposed events and thinking I’ve never seen or heard of this before?  It’s definitely a subject that is worth skepticism for sure.  So in this week’s blog, I am questioning whether or not there is a point to the entire field of ghost hunting, or whatever you want to call it?  Is there a point to it?
So, is there a point?  Absolutely there is.  Just because one hasn’t experienced what you’re investigating doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  I think too many times many ghost hunters or researchers get caught up in personal opinion.  This is why a guy like John Tenney is so popular.  It’s because when he investigates a report or a sighting, after he vets the people to the best of his ability, he goes and investigates.  He doesn’t come around looking into something with preconceived notions of what to expect or preconceived solutions to the problem.  He understands that every happenstance is unique in its very nature.  In other words, no two investigations are alike.  And this is a standard as to why a guy like John, Jack Kenna or Greg and Dana Newkirk are in such high demand when it comes to television, documentaries, radio shows, or paranormal conferences.  That’s why they’re able to make a living off of these sorts of topics, because they always keep an open mind to what is going on.  You see, whether you believe it or not, most will agree that one of the biggest issues with the paranormal these days is attitude and ego.  Sure, people try to blame it on teams withholding evidence from each other and so on.  But is that really the problem?  I guess it probably could be an issue, but I look at it as on a smaller scale.  To me, and many others in the paranormal realm, one of the big reasons for so much animosity in the paranormal field is because of investigation technique, and treating opinions as not only fact, but scientific fact.  You’ve heard me debate this in previous blogs before, and on Spaced Out Radio, so I’m going to try and not repeat myself too much here.
We know people are having strange happenings.  If they weren’t, there really wouldn’t be a need to investigate any of this, really.  There’d be no point.  But it is a great sense of adventure that we all look forward to in this field.  But sometimes the cloudiness around the investigation surrounds two key parts.  What are we trying to solve?  And why?  Are we doing this for our own ego?  Or do we truly have a sense of direction when it comes to helping the client?  If it’s about helping the client, then are we going about it the right way?  Easy questions with extremely tough answers.  Look, I will be the first to say that I love the paranormal in all aspects.  However, where I draw the line between fun and actual work is when it comes to this last question.  Are we going about the investigation the right way?  You see, I do have a big issue with people who head to someone’s residence and their only goal is to prove or disprove whether or not the residence, or let’s add to that and say place of business as well, is haunted or not?  How is this even provable?  Since when can someone dictate when a spirit is active or not?  Investigators, you aren’t there the majority of time, so how can you sit here and say that if you get a call, and you go there and don’t get any evidence that it isn’t active?  It’s impossible!  Why?  Because you, me, or anyone cannot predict activity, no matter how much you try in technique or provocation of the spirit.  And when you leave, how do you know you haven’t pissed that entity off to the point where they take it up a notch on the people who reside or work there?  We heard this on Spaced Out Radio from Lance Eberhardt a few weeks ago, where he and his family moved into a beautiful Missouri farm.  Almost immediately after moving in, they started having severe paranormal activity.  So like any other unqualified person who doesn’t know where to look for answers, they turned to Google.  They found a ghost hunting group that said they’d come in and take care of the activity. This ghost hunting team even went as far as to say they were affiliated with the television show ‘The Dead Files’ with psychic Amy Allan and former NYC Detective, Steve DiSchiavi.  What happened after they left turned out to be almost a continuous nightmare for the family, before they were able to get a hold of the real TV show who came in and cleaned up the activity in their house.  The point is, when you are dealing with real people who are putting their confidence in you to get a job done, make sure you know what you are doing?  Too many people in the paranormal are thrill seekers looking to pad their own extreme resume.  It’s disgusting that someone would take advantage of people who are seeking help.  But unfortunately the paranormal community is full of these kinds of investigative teams.
So again, what is the point?  I, and many others in the field have no problem if you’re a thrill seeker looking to get freaked out by ghosts.  That’s the reason why so many paranormal tours are successful.  But if you’re one of those ghost hunting teams that is just out for the thrill of Gettysburg, cemetaries, or places like Waverly Hills, then do the entire field a favour and stay there.  I’m not saying this to be rude, but stay away from people whose lives you may accidentally affect in a negative way.  You’re not doing them any favours.  You’re not doing yourself any favours.  But most importantly, you’re not doing the field of paranormal research any favours by conducting a false investigation.  When you enter someone’s home or place of business, you are directly going to have an impact on what they are doing and how they are living.  If you are entering without any solutions whatsoever, why are you there?  This isn’t a game about proving what is haunted and what is not?  The person who took the time to call you needed help.  Whether it’s psychological or whether they are having true hauntings.  If you’re not there to provide any sort of assistance, why are you there?  It doesn’t matter how much equipment you have.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a debunker or a skeptic.  All that matters is the client.  And until the field, which rarely agrees on anything, can come together on that, then most investigation and technique is useless.  That being said, there are good people out there doing exceptional work.
The important aspect for anyone who is looking to investigate in this field is to figure out what you want to get out of it.  I’m not sure many people have actually asked themselves that question.  It’s a difficult one to answer.  Stay away from so-called science.  Or stay away from the thought of a television career.  What do you, as an investigator, want to get out of this. If you’re just searching for proof of the unknown, then it’s best to stay out of people’s houses.  Now, if your goal is to help people deal with their haunted situations, then what will happen is you need to learn what to do and how to handle situations.  How to handle clients.  How to handle the spirits that are causing the hauntings.  Everything falls on you.  It doesn’t sound stressful from the outset, but it’s something you need to figure out on your own.  It’s my belief there aren’t enough people taking this seriously.  And it’s time they did!
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