Footage Of UFO And Cargo Plane Encounter Released

And Another Thing…

By Gail Hodson Shirk, News Director SOR


On March 19, 2020, a cargo plane encountered a mysterious object while flying near Monterrey, Mexico. Reports state two pilots were involved with the unidentified object, and they described what they saw as a “pulsating orb.”

The object dropped down from above them, and kept the same altitude before flying alongside the airplane for approximately 30 minutes.

Both pilots of the cargo plane have been described as “competent airmen, highly experienced with observing and identifying aircraft, and are capable of determining normal observations and incidents from unusual ones.”

While the pilots have not been named, and have kept their experience confidential, it has been revealed one was a career pilot with 19 years’ experience, while the second was a veteran fighter pilot who had previously flown F-15s.

When the sighting occurred, the plane had left Queretaro International Airport, and was headed to Memphis, Tennessee. They flew northbound out of Queretaro, and could see Venus quite high in the western sky.

The First Officer had initially believed the object that had come into view was a meteor until it matched the plane’s speed and altitude, indicating to him it had to be under some sort of intelligent control. The captain described the UFO as “a brilliant yellow white plasma object, teardrop shaped.”

The two men actually captured around five minutes’ of footage of the orb, which also features their dialogue at the time of the sighting.

Ted Roe, Executive Director of the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), found the incident particularly intriguing. “We have a database going back to 1916,” he said. “It describes four basic types of UAP encounters and they are balls of light, spheres, cylinders and discs.”

“I went through the analysis. There was some argument that it could have been an astronomical effect. Venus was quite bright that night. But when you take the entire narrative of how they describe it dropped in vertically, stopped at their altitude and then paced their aircraft, that is a very consistent story.”

The video of the pilots’ encounter is available at the following link. Check it out, and then you decide what you think it was the two pilots saw on their flight from Monterrey to Memphis, Tennessee.

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