Follow The Money! When Good Deeds Go Bad

Do you remember the photograph of Johnny Bobbit, Kay McClure, and Marc D’Amico, from November, 2017? It and the story of a stranded motorist, a former Marine medic living on the streets of Philadelphia, and his generosity, giving to her out of his need, made world wide news, and garnered them all more attention than they ever imagined.
On the night they all met, Kay had run out of gas, and pulled to the side of the road. Bobbit came to her aid, told her to lock her doors, and he would be back. When he returned, she learned he had spent his last $20.00 to buy gasoline for her car.
From that point on, life changed drastically for both of them, and Kay’s boyfriend, Marc D’Amico. Because Bobbit was homeless, the couple first brought him food, a coat, and water; things that they hoped would make his life on the streets a little more comfortable. Then, Kay and D’Marco decided to set up a GoFundMe account for Bobbit, desiring to raise $10,000 to give him an opportunity to turn his life around.
The story went viral, and before they knew it, the public had donated $400,000 to Bobbit’s cause. It appeared he would achieve the goals he had left behind, due to the drugs and homelessness that had taken over his life.
It has been almost a year, and the three are back in the news. Unfortunately, the story has not, to date, had a happy ending. It turns out, Kay’s boyfriend, D’Amico has had control of GoFundMe money, and after an initial doling out of $25,000 to Bobbit, he refuses to release any more to him.
D’Amico admits he controls the money and says he will not give Bobbit another dime of it until he gets a job and quits using drugs. Bobbit has said when he got the $25,000, he gave it away to family and friends, and spent some on drugs. There was, at one time, $400,000, which now is at around $200,000; with no accounting having come forth to show where half of it went.
Fortunately, GoFundMe is investigating if the money has been mismanaged, and said it will work to ensure Bobbitt “receives the help he deserves, and that the donors’ intentions are honored.”
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