Fanning The Smoke Away

It’s no secret that the forest fires in the Canadian province of British Columbia, this year, have affected much of western North America. With over 530 fires currently burning in Canada’s third largest province, the smoke is causing breathing issues for people, especially B.C.’s southern neighbour, Washington State.
Tired of smoke blocking the sun, and terrible air index conditions, a group of Spokane, Washington residents have figured out they’re going to do something about it. Their solution? Have every citizen of Spokane, 550-thousand, to put a portable fan on their rooftops, and aim it towards Canada. Turn the fans on full blast, and the smoke will move back north, where it came from.
Yes! This is real! On their Facebook page, ‘Blow Spokane’s Smoke Away To Canada’, the group has set up an event which starts on August 24th, and runs through September 7th. Their page claims, “To get rid of this smoke, we have to work together as a community. After much deliberation and mathematical calculation, we have figured that it is absolutely possible for us to blow this smoke away with high powered fans. This Friday, every resident must place at least 5 box fans on their roof. Turn your fans on to the highest setting, and aim them toward northeastern Canada. Team work makes the dream work. Let’s do this, Spokanites. Let’s send this smoke right back to those Canucks!”
However there is some controversy surrounding this. Much of the smoke can also be blamed on the fires burning in California. So telling which smoke comes from where is difficult at best. And currently there are no plans to point any fans southwest towards California.
(Photo courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory)