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By MoonJoey


There is a saying… “Without faith, paranormal evidence is proof of nothing.” This point cannot be reasonably argued against.

I wish to emphasize that there is still some usefulness for having faith in such instances, if nothing less than to give birth to the possibility of a hypothesis that could be developed and held onto for such time as legitimate science through theory testing reveals that original faith idea might be more than just that.

For example, lets take the paranormal supposition that cold spots are indicative of a spirit manifestation. At one time someone, somewhere came up with this one without serious explanation, and which contradicts the rules of thermodynamics, specifically rules one and two which state that (1) energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can be transferred from one form to another. A system will always have the same quantity of energy unless and until energy is added from the outside or removed from the system. If the internal system (in this case a room) remains a constant, then the idea of a spirit using the “energy” of the room is not sound. The spirit drawing energy would change the quantity of energy in the room, leading us to the second rule of thermodynamics which states that (2) entropy within a closed system always increases. What is entropy? It is the measure of energy dispersal and “energy” is not a self-contained force just floating around in the air. It is the measurement of something’s ability to perform work. If we are stating that a spirit is itself drawing “energy” from the physical world to manifest itself, then by rule #2, the “spot” where the spirit is manifesting would cause entropy in the surrounding area of the room, thus equalizing the air temperature in that room and not making that one specific spot colder. Measurements of air temperature, barometric pressure, etc. should be taking place under this alleged paranormal occurrence instead of pointing an infrared thermometer at a surface or exclaiming “Oh my God, put your hand here and feel how cold it is in this spot!”

Now, if a spirit allegedly brings “energy” with it into our physical world to manifest itself, that “work” will introduce itself into an environment as heat, again something which is measureable and it would make that one spot itself warmer, not colder. This “energy” must be measurable and ultimately quantifiable, or it can’t be called energy by definition. Until now, the idea of energy introducing itself into our material world from the non-material world totally violates thermodynamic rule #1. BUT… beyond our sensorial abilities there could be many unexplained and not understood principles of physics yet to be discovered. Answers might lie in how culture influences our experiences and interpretation of them such as my Chitimacha friend who has experienced sudden drops in temperature during certain indigenous ceremonies involving the appearance of non-corporeal entities.

The findings of testing old theories related to black holes led to a recent scientific experiment that showed the possibility that “energy” might indeed be able to be introduced into a system from outside itself, in this case, a black hole. This quote is taken from the article (( physicist)). “Penrose theorised that energy could be created by dropping objects such as a rocket into a black hole and splitting the object in two. One half escapes from the black hole, while the other falls past the point of no return (the ‘event horizon’). The half that escapes steals a small amount of rotational energy from the black hole, meaning it ends up with slightly more energy overall.” As is the case with many scientific findings, this claim is disputed by others, but the conversation alone is of a constructive one that benefits all involved. It is indicative of a progression towards ’cause and effect’ answers.

SUMMARY: This is an example of not what we know, but how much we don’t know. Anything still seems possible even if not probable due to our limited knowledge of the vast universe we are part of. Without faith, current paranormal evidence is proof of nothing. By adding hope and looking beyond the stagnant, evidence repetitiveness prevalent today, we can endure in that faith. What is needed is a putting forth of fresh, constructive opinions to be added to a creative, unbiased database of ideas, with a welcomed respect toward dissenting views. Yes, you may have seen a spirit manifestation or bigfoot. Countless books, articles, etc. have been published with their unending ‘stories’ and the depth of discussions have settled into comparisons of witnesses descriptions as the evidence of most substance. How about trying to move paranormal research forward with a closer examination of not what, but how and why?

But are we wasting our time in the pursuit of answers? Our search could be a moot point if one subscribes to the idea of superdeterminism. As mentioned by the Australian Quantum Physicist Anton Zeilinger, “The implications of superdeterminism, if it is true, would bring into question the value of science itself by destroying falsifiability. We always implicitly assume the freedom of the experimentalist… This fundamental assumption is essential to doing science. If this were not true, then, I suggest, it would make no sense at all to ask nature questions in an experiment, since then nature could determine what our questions are, and that could guide our questions such that we arrive at a false picture of nature.

Hhhhmmmmm … maybe shouting aloud, “Oh my God, feel how cold it is right here” isn’t such a bad idea after all.

  • MoonJoey

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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