Facts And Figures, Dave Style

Dave’s Write Away
By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Facts And Figures, Dave Style 
Okay, I thought I would have some fun writing my latest blog here, which will have some serious points and some that are a little more fun.  Why not?  As we continue to grow, I don’t mind letting you in on some of the little secrets I have, that you may not know.  So try to keep up will ya?  Alright, let’s get to this.  There’s not going to be any real structure or order here.  Just follow along and don’t roll your eyes or scream WTF too much.
– I’ve never seen an episode of Star Trek, X-Files or Dr. Who.  I realize I’m in the genre, but growing up, those shows never interested me.
– I stopped reading books in 2014 when I was taken into a white room by ‘them’, whoever ‘they’ are, and ‘they’ asked me to give up books, videos, and television shows regarding phenomena. ‘They’ basically told me to let my experiences lead to my knowledge.  So I have.
– I like Nickelback music!  There!  Shit on me all you want, but those Canadian boys are talented.  Guaranteed going into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.  Speaking of which, how the hell does the Notorious B.I.G. get into the RNRHOF before Motorhead, Iron Maiden, or Judas Priest?  There’s something wrong, big time, with this selection committee.
– When I drive by a soccer field and I see children playing, the first thought in my head is I want to break the news to those kids that their parents don’t like them, because if they did, they wouldn’t put their children in soccer.  I cry for those kids.
– Ghosts don’t interest me.  Yes, ghosts come with the territory when you host a paranormal radio show.  However, I think my lack of intrigue in ghosts comes from the fact that I’m highly disappointed with the way people act and investigate without focus in the paranormal world.
– I suffer from tinnitus, so my ears are constantly ringing, and it sucks.  Why we haven’t been able to cure this fully with today’s technology, I will never know.  This is why I get pissed off when I see scientists wasting money and grants on stupid, worthless studies, when the energy and financial resources should be put to use is solving health issues people have.
– As outgoing as I may seem on Spaced Out Radio, or on social media, I’m actually quite a loner and introverted.  Hard to believe, I know.  But it’s true.  I feel out of place in public, and being in big crowds makes me uncomfortable.  I usually run around a lot and go hide.
– I have only met Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal once;  that was in 2014, three weeks after his final concerts with Guns N’ Roses.  I met him in Vancouver, when he was touring solo with Yngwie Malmsteen and Gary Hoey on the Guitar Gods tour.  Hung out with him after the show until 4:00 am in his tour bus with his band and others.  What a great dude.
– I stopped watching NHL hockey on television after they introduced the two man referee system about 12 years ago.  Personally, I think it’s ruined the game.  Also, the NHL has taken the policing away from players, and given the responsibility to the refs.  Hockey is supposed to be a tough game.  I don’t recognize it, and don’t like it anymore.  It’s sad.
– I have beer in my fridge that has been there since May.  Shows you how often I drink.
– I’m still living the conspiracy dream that Rick Astley isn’t a real person, even though he’s never going to give you up. He’ll never let you down.  Or run around and desert you.
– I’ve always been one of those people who is either loved or hated.  I’ve never really had that in between status.  To add to that, I’ve usually, in my personal life, been the fall guy, or one to blame, even when things aren’t my fault.  Now, I don’t have a criminal record.  Never been in trouble with the law, outside of a speeding ticket or two.  Or three.
– In my life I’ve had three concussions, broken my nose twice, thanks to hockey, cracked my teeth, blown out both my knees and both my ankles, had more than 100 stitches combined, injured my lower back in a car accident, broken my arm as a kid; but I’ve never had gout.
– After four and a half months of suffering from bronchitis last spring and summer, medication didn’t cure me, but five days of taking two teaspoons of hot sauce a day sure did.  I learned that the capsaicin inside the ghost peppers used in really hot hot sauce actually burns the mucus lining in the lungs that is caused by bronchitis and pneumonia.
– I’m a roller coaster fanatic.  Enough said about this.  If there’s a roller coaster around where I am, I’m going on it.  There is no arguing this point.  Especially if it’s a roller coaster I’ve never been on before.
– My favourite foods are tacos, burritos, steak and lobster, crab, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables, (but I am sick of zucchini), crab legs, and pasta, (but I cannot stand Kraft Dinner).
– I have a very sarcastic sense of humor.  I am one of those people who can still laugh at anything.
– I do not use marijuana, but do believe it should be legalized everywhere.
– Chartreuse is GREEN not REDDISH BROWN.
– I knew it was time to quit terrestrial radio in 2007 when I almost got fired for reporting to my bosses that one of our fellow employees had given my breaking news story to another radio station outlet that he wanted to work for. Under the company’s guidelines, what he did was cause for immediate dismissal.  I got blamed for tattling.  It was my f**king story he stole.
– I think Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins are overrated
– Are you like me that you’re sick of seeing Beyonce seem to perform at the Super Bowl every year or two?
– I get really frustrated in this community but try not to show it, when there are people who work nowhere near as hard as we do on SOR, yet they get credit, conference and television show invites, etc, and we don’t.  It’s not jealousy.  It’s others not doing their homework.  Frustrating.
– I really hate snakes.
– I hate shaving.
– I miss being called ‘Daddy’ by my kids!
There’s some interesting insight for all of you!  Enjoy!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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