“Evil” TV Show – An Opinion

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By MoonJoey

”Evil” TV Show – An Opinion

Have you caught the first season of the TV show “EVIL?” Watching this show is more like reading a book rather than taking in a movie or TV show. Each reader of that book interprets and creates visualizations in their mind of what they are reading, possibly being totally different from what others have. But, beneath the surface is one telling and predominant idea accompanying each episode. The writers are very clever in that by presenting this paranormal-like theme, the watcher of the show creates a first impression by trying to figure out what is going on, and that in turn reveals a truth about ourselves. This appears no different than reactions on both sides of the question about UFOs, Sasquatch, ghosts, demons, etc. Sure, in this TV series there is the stereotypical goat man/demon character representing evil incarnate, as well as those in society that seem devoted to serving the same. It represents the eternal battle of good vs evil from the dawn of time. It causes you to choose sides. By injecting the fate of children into the mix, we cannot help but feel personally involved and affected by our protective natures for them by what we are watching. The show easily can trap you into a wrong first impression of what is unfolding if you let it. Kudos for the writers on that fact. The same goes for investigating and researching the paranormal. We are too quick to take sides and once done, the opposite point of view becomes incorrect in our eyes. Should any opinion of ours on the paranormal be 100% certain? I would think not, regardless of which side you are on. I am not solidly on either side of the argument concerning the paranormal and lean toward the skeptical yet am open to hear all opinions. I do offer these things as far as this TV show is concerned. It is NOT a news show stating facts. It is a TV show and thus offered as entertainment. Many sometimes forget that. At the very least it productively serves an important purpose for one reason: for a short hour, the watcher gets in touch with their own personal and deepest beliefs and perhaps even begins to question them. The same rationalization should be applied either way to any paranormal beliefs as well.

As far as the “EVIL” TV first season is concerned, do I think the character Kristen killed anyone? No. It is too easy to jump to that conclusion and first impressions on this show tend to be incorrect by intention of the writers. Do I think that good will win out over evil in the end, no matter how many seasons or episodes this show runs? Yes. Why? Because I believe good may not win all the battles, but it will win the war over evil. You see, I just stated a personal belief because of this TV show. I am biased after all!

  • MoonJoey