Everett Themer

Everett Themer, who has joined the team of Spaced Out Radio, hosting the Sunday night show, has been an important member of the SOR team for several years. He has worked behind the scenes, in front of the mic as a frequent guest, and a panel member on SOR’s Friday night end-of-month round table discussions.

He was the founder, with Dave Scott, of the SOR news section, sharing his expertise in the genre as News Director of The Encounter, and providing Dave with nightly news, live on the show, every Monday through Friday.

Everett has a varied background that will contribute to fascinating trips down the rabbit hole with his audience. He has been a writer for The Supernatural Magazine, Skeptical
inquirer, and the James Randi Educational Foundation. He also has his own Audio Engineer/Producer business. Added to his connections in the Paranormal community, every show promises to be an adventure.

He will bring science with twist, paranormal, some really far out WOO, a lot of snark, and once a month psychic readings from the best psychics outs there. Everett’s gift for communicating all this clearly and understandably will ramp up Sunday nights to a whole new level.