The Philadelphia Experiment with Andrew Hochheimer


Sep 22 2023

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In 1943 the American Navy tried to use advanced stealth-technology on ships that would not only make them invisible to enemy radar but also for the naked eye. The project was called Project Rainbow but was nicknamed The Philadelphia Experiment because most of the work was performed on Philadelphia Navy base. U.S.S Eldridge, DE (Destroyer Escort) 173 was used for the experiment. The ship disappeared not only from radar but completely only to suddenly become visible again. What’s even more odd is that the ship was seen and identified at the same time 600 km from the place of the experiment.

Author and researcher, Andrew Hochheimer takes us down this road of unique history with his book, ‘The Philadelphia Experiment: Classified From A-Z’.  From Andrew:

I have spent over 35 years digging through books, making phone calls, meeting and interviewing various people. I have walked the decks of the Eldridge’s Sister Ship to get a real idea of the scale of the experiment. I have held original letters from Carl Allen and poured over government microfilms, and archives all in effort to compile the following information.

My interest in the Philadelphia Experiment goes back to the 1980s with the release of The Philadelphia Experiment, a science-fiction movie drama based on the legend. Later that same week I was in my local public library, and found “The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility” in pocket novel form, by Charles Berlitz and William Moore. Knowing that books are often better than the movies, I decided to check the book out. Upon reading the book, it became very evident that the authors did not consider the experiment as a fantasy. I have been interested in the subject of mass displacement, time travel, and other fringe topics for a number of years and so this began my journey into this mysterious legend.

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