The Nasca Lines with Ryushin Malone

I have solved The Nazca Lines and renamed them The Orion Lines.  The Nazca Lines are a 3D pulsar star map of ‘The Orion Group’s’ territory markings to ward off other extraterrestrials.  The Orion Group is also known as The Black Suns and is allegedly a SATANIC FORCE who takes over star systems.  The Orion Lines, so I’ve discovered is also a master key which has unlocked the true past, present and future of Humanity.  It has unlocked true Heaven (Sky) aliens out there & true Hell (underground) child adrenochrome harvesting aliens in the D.U.M.B.s.

It is absolute proof aliens are real and come from ORION.  Simply, I’ve exposed the aliens from Orion and the true crimes against humanity, The Elite, Rothschild trading CHILDREN as food and drug, Adrenochrome for technology.  Follow the money.  That’s what they’ve been doing.


May 13 2021


9:00 pm - 11:55 pm

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