Spaced Out Saturday with Richard Giordano

Each and every Saturday night, we bring you the highly electric Richard Giordano, as ‘Little Richie G’ steps into the Captain’s Chair to kick off the weekend. A long time UFO researcher and experiencer, Rich’s specialty is getting to the heart of the matter of what is going on in this supernatural world.

Rich’s also is the owner and host of GUFON Radio, The Giordano UFO Network, on YouTube, where he breaks down the hoaxers, hilarity, and the hits of everything in the UFO, paranormal and cryptid world. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Rich’s straight forward, in your face type broadcast will get your mind thinking, mixed with a few good laughs in between.

Follow Richard on Twitter @GUFONRadio

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Nov 23 2019


9:05 pm - 11:55 pm

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