Remote Viewing with Sebastien Martin


Jun 08 2020

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 09 2020
  • Time: 12:05 am - 2:55 am

The event is finished.

Sebastien Martin is a Canadian serial entrepreneur, born in France, who has built international health food brands for over a decade with offices in the USA, Canada, the UK and New Zealand. In November of 2011, Sebastien had a close encounter of a 5th kind with a Stellar being living in a 5th dimensional reality in his living room and had communications with him and the rest of his Star family ever since, receiving frequent and powerful ‘downloads’ all aimed to raise our consciousness and change our vibration.

This one of a kind disturbing experience has forced Sebastien to resort to the services of a hypnotherapist to help him with the anxiety arising from this life changing encounter as well as prophetic visions he had since a child. Detailed memories were extracted from these sessions, providing critical information about the Galactic Alliance agenda, split souls, human consciousness and much more. More recent visits involving 11th dimensional beings reinforced Sebastien’s beliefs to pursue this mission and share it with the public. Please visit Sebastien Martin’s page. Since his initial interviews from a year ago, Sébastien has developed new faculties, working with organizations in the field of Remote Viewing, which led him to discover an agenda larger that he anticipated, involving the Men in Black, the Secret space program as well as an understanding of old technologies discovered on Earth, such as Stargates and portals.

Due to his work, Sebastien has been the subject to intense psychic attacks between Canada and the USA. Sebastien has now set up a platform to help Starseeds around the world but also offers a free platform to network all singled out specialty domains such as alternative medicine, alternative energy, UFO disclosure, consciousness work, etc. to make people realize that a new society or perhaps a new civilization could arise from all of these ideas.

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