Positive ET Experiences with Byron Lacy


Sep 21 2023

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 22 2023
  • Time: 12:00 am - 2:55 am

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Byron Lacy was born in Burnet, Texas on March 21, 1950. He is a fourth generation Texan. Byron’s Great Grandfather, George W. Lacy, came to Texas in the early 1850’s. George and two of his business partners donated the granite to build the current Texas state capitol. He also started a dog breed which is now called the Blue Lacy and is the state dog of Texas.

Byron is a 4th generation abductee and had a relative that was institutionalized because she insisted little men came into her room at night sometimes, and spoke with her. He was first visited in 1955 when he was five years old, and the visits have continued all of his life.

Byron is an artist, musician, and writer. He has also spent 13 years working for the Texas Department of Human Services doing interviews of people for government benefits and worked three years for Texas Department of Child Protective Services as an investigator of child abuse allegations.

Byron has used his knowledge from CPS investigating to investigate his own abductions and contacts.

Byron has written three books, all on Amazon. His poetry book is THE NIGHT IS A CONSTANT LOVER, and a SiFi novel, HEROES and VILLAINS DOWN THE HALLS OF TIME THE LEGEND OF SPINEY WHEEZER, and his nonfiction book CHOSEN: CHRONICLES of an ALIEN ABDUCTEE.

Byron is also a musician and writes Experimental Electronic music on synthesizers, using inspiration from music introduced to him by aliens, and has seven CD collections of music on Amazon.

In 1976 Byron received a B.S in English. In 1977 he received a M.A. in Graphic art and in 1978 a M.F.A. in Graphic Art. Byron has had paintings and sculptures exhibited in galleries and Museums throughout the United States.

Byron now lives in Nacogdoches, Texas where he spends his time writing, creating sculptures and AI art, studying psychology, creating music, researching alien abductions, and helping abductees.

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