Ontario Sasquatch with Mike Paterson

Sasquatch Ontario is about a hidden truth, one that has shown up in my life in a big way! It’s a truth that has the capacity to evolve human consciousness individually, and on a collective scale. Sasquatch truth has the capacity to shape our world through the expansion of human consciousness in a mind/body/spirit alignment of truth.

This is about my personal journey involved in a subject that showed up in my life back in 2008 when I was in the woods photographing wildlife and nature as a passion. I had an epiphany to search for the hairy folk who most call Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Their existence was shown to me early in life with a childhood sighting that had a traumatizing effect on me at the time. It’s now been 11 years searching for answers since my initial close Sasquatch vocal encounter on October 25th, 2008. It was the moment that changed my life and put me on the path I’m on today.  7 of those years have involved intentional contact experiences that continue to show up.

I’m sharing a personal journey for the betterment of humanity. I can see the positive potential this truth can have on the human race. This is about my experiences, my insight and acquired knowledge through countless contact experiences that shed some light on the unknown and mystery surrounding the subject of Sasquatch. I’ve chosen to share with those interested who are open to the greater unknown that surrounds us. This is a new frontier for science, unknown, quantum physics and the intelligent life within. We are all part of it. Sasquatch are an advanced consciousness, not a monster in the woods. They’re not a myth, they’re a human type being unlike anything we’ve ever known! This journey is about helping others understand their own experiences through the sharing of information. This is about helping advance the reality of Sasquatch existence and the incredible expanding truth that comes with it. This is advanced ongoing contact research.

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9:05 pm - 11:55 pm

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