Ghosts of the Great White North with Special Guest, Nick T. White

The third Wednesday of every month, host Dave Scott is joined by Mike ‘MERLE’ Morin, and special guests for Ghosts of the Great White North. MERLE is an accomplished paranormal investigator out of Vancouver, British Columbia. He has investigated all over his province, along with areas in Washington and Oregon States. MERLE’s goals are to find critical answers in solving paranormal mysteries that have haunted people, or places for decades, and centuries.

Each month, Dave and MERLE are joined by special guests to tell their tales of haunting excursions from around the globe.


Nick T. White

Nick White is the CEO of Cage the Darkness, Lead investigator for Cage the Darkness Paranormal Investigations, Owner Opreater of The Darkness Cage, and was the paranormal investigator for A&E Network’s Cursed: The Bell Witch, a five part mini series about the Bell Witch haunting near Nashville, Tennessee. With 24+ years experience in the paranormal field the experiences have been profound in many different ways. Now, after having experience in the paranormal Nick is trying to learn more in many different fields of study because, to Nick knowledge is power, especially when investigating. Nick has continued his studies in Cryptozology, Ufology, and many other fields of study as well. He is looking for more than just an adventure into the unknown, either physical or, metaphysical. Being ex-military, camping numerous times throughout the Smoky Mountains with his father growing up in Tennessee, and having bloodlines from the Cherokee and Apache Native American tribes, Ireland, and Scotland, his want to be outdoors and to be the protector/ warrior/ adventurer type of person is in his blood. Nick also believes with more people proving how positive, cooperatative, and respectful Investigators from all fields really can be by, leading by example, it will hopefully direct everyone to follow suit and do the same. He says, “Maybe soon we can move forward as one and get back to what we do, and that’s, work together to help those that need our help, and to find out the many answers to our many questions about the elusive, unknown.”


Apr 21 2021


9:00 pm - 11:55 pm

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