Crops Circles with Gary King & Darcy Weir

Gary King began researching crop circle and UFO phenomena in 1997. He first came to the public’s attention after having been one of the three witnesses to the appearance of the East Field crop formation on 7th July 2007. Since then he has lectured both nationally and internationally and featured in numerous TV productions about these areas. Working as a much sought-after crop circle tour guide, Gary carries a wealth of experience and knowledge that is both insightful and intellectually stimulating.

Darcy Weir writes, films, edits and produces documentary related subject matter since 2012. These films first found distribution through Indie Rights in 2016 starting with The Unwonted Sasquatch. He has six titles available online by VOD streaming through Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, TubiTv, Vudu, Youtube Red and more. His series called Beyond The Spectrum tells unique individual stories by some of the greatest minds surrounding each mystery. He has interviewed people such as Stephen Bassett, Travis Walton, Kathleen Marden, Stanton Friedman (Being Taken), Jaime Maussan (Humanoids and Maussan’s UFO Files), Richard Dolan, Richard Sauder, Cynthia Drayer (The Underground), Jack Kasher, David Sereda, Shane Ryan, Damien Nott (Beyond The Spectrum), Kerry Cassidy, Jeff Meldrum, Bill Miller and Thomas Steenburg (The Unwonted Sasquatch).


Apr 22 2021


9:00 pm - 11:55 pm

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