Essential Employee

This Florida Man 

By Kelly Eyre

Essential Employee

Hello, again Space Travelers!

I have been trying to avoid this topic as, everyone has been “trying” to avoid COVID-19. I know that I am supposed to be bringing you stories of the strange and weird. I promise I will get back to that as soon as I can. With that said, I am what is known as an “Essential Employee”. I am a truck driver; not an over the road driver, but local to Florida. I deliver wine and spirits to everyone’s usual haunts. Restaurants here in Florida are on a takeout only order, and you can order full bottles of wine or liquor at over retail if you are too lazy to go to one of the many liquor stores Florida has to offer. Including liquor stores with drive-up windows.

Now, I am being as protective of myself as humanly possible. I wear gloves, I have Clorox wipes that I use to clean my truck and my dolly, and I’m practically bathing in hand sanitizer after every stop. I suppose everyone needs the booze, and I am grateful that I am not one of the poor people who aren’t getting paid due to closures. Am I as important as doctors or nurses who are practically running themselves ragged? No. But what I am seeing is that in my little section of the planet, nobody seems to want to stay at home. I know people need to be in the stores to pick up essentials; however, the stores I am going into seem to be quite a bit more packed than usual.

The reason I haven’t posted a story in a while is due to working extra hours. They are stretching me to the federally mandated limit for truck drivers, which is a 14 hour day and 1 16 hour day per week. I do apologize for that and I do hope all of you are doing the very best that you can if you are or are not an essential employee.

I suppose the reason that I am telling you all this is that my anxiety is running in overdrive. I have always had it so I am able to deal with it with humor and trying to make people laugh, but I am quite literally screaming my lungs out on the inside. I have been that way since the beginning of March. Thankfully, my wife has the option to work from home so that is something that curbs a bit of anxiety. However,  I feel I am freaking out more than usual.

Bear with me folks. Just telling all of you this is making me feel better and I am working on quite a few other stories for you guys; some you may have heard, sme you probably have not

I can’t imagine what the nurses and doctors must be going through, or the others that have to deal with the sick or the poor people who are susceptible to catching something dangerous. I know that as a healthyish 42 year old I should not be too worried. It’s not just me. I am worried about all of you and my family as well.

Okay, rant over. I do hope that all of you are doing as well as can be expected. Also, I know it would help me out but if you guys would want to send me a message on Facebook just to let me know that you’re alright if it would help you out to reach out to someone different. Believe me. it would help me as well in this trying times. Thanks for your time everyone.

Kelly’s Beard.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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