Eric Marcum's News Rant

In a recent news clip I watched, it was reported that residents on Cormorant Island B.C. have been recording vocalizations of an unknown creature that according to one prominent Sasquatch researcher doesn’t match the known sounds of the area bestiary and might be a Sasquatch call. This would be wonderful news if it were proved to be true. Cormorant Island has a land mass of about 4 square kilometers, that’s 1.54 square miles for those of us not on the metric bandwagon.

It seems to me that if Sasquatch has managed to move to this small island of 1500 souls, then its existence should soon be verified. It seems to me that if the community of Sasquatch researchers were truly serious about actually proving the creature’s existence, they would descend upon the island and do a missing person style search, leaving no stone unturned. If there was a missing child, this tactic would be employed, as well as searches from the air carried out by any number of aircraft types. I will go out on a limb and venture that there would be no shortage of volunteers to help in the ground search.

– Just Sayin’


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