Does The UFO Community Even Care?

By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
I’ve noticed something recently about the UFO community, and I’m here to tell you I don’t like what I see.  Call it apathy.  Call it whatever you want.  But the UFO community is messed up, and it’s our own fault for allowing it to get this way.  When real news comes out about UFOs or those involved, no one is even responding, caring, or even showing any emotion over a topic that they claim means so much to them.  And I’m just shaking my head and rolling my eyes, contemplating the wonderment of the naivety of the community this affects.  Where is everyone?  Where are the questions that should be asked?  Where is the anger, the vitriol the sharing of posts on social media?  They’re barely out there?  And we need to be asking, ‘Why not?’  This is embarrassing for the UFO community that this subject has totally flown right over their heads.
Recently we, at the SOR News Wire, led by Captain Shirk, posted stories, and a couple of my blogs regarding the current situation regarding the in-fighting at MUFON, the world’s largest UFO research group in the world.  Led by Jan Harzan, this group has recently come under fire by former Indiana State Director, Philip Leech, who was removed from his position and demoted to field investigator after making claims that MUFON has some explaining to do to its membership about some of the shenanigans regarding Harzan, Director of Investigations, Chase Kloetzke, and Director of Media, Roger Marsh.  We have posted both the original letter that was released to the public, as well as a follow up that came out on January 24th, for your reading, in the SOR News Wire, in the news section of our website.  For you, you can read the accusations that were brought forward by Leech about MUFON.
Now, this blog isn’t so much about MUFON or what is going on within the organization.  This is more about the UFO community, who has dropped the ball in asking the hard questions of people involved with MUFON on their social media pages, along with their groups on social media.  Why are we not looking into this as a community?  This is massive news in the field of Ufology.  Yet, for some reason, there’s barely any chatter about it whatsoever, and this is concerning.  Why is it concerning?  That answer is simple.  It’s because everyone involved in Ufology, in one way or another, has an opinion about MUFON.  Usually that opinion isn’t too flattering.  But here’s the thing.  How do you change it if you’re not going to bring the subject up?  You aren’t.  That’s the short and accurate answer for it.  Stop complaining and do something about it.  If you care so much about Ufology, why aren’t you public about it?  MUFON is a mess right now, and has been for a couple of years.  The public let them off the hook when Harzan went on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp, along with TTSA’s Luis Elizondo, to discuss the collaboration of looking at each other’s evidence, like it was old hat.  It wasn’t.  It wasn’t announced to the public that the two sides were working together.  Nothing was said.  And you know what came out of the field of Ufology, from most of the top tier researchers down to the lower end of experiencers?  Nothing.  No one said a peep.
The time to talk about it is now.  These are the people who are controlling the messages.  They’re controlling the information.  They are controlling the narrative that is supposed to be leading to some sort of confirmation or disclosure.  Yet the UFO public is pretty much silent about this.  I will give you a quick example of how I detected this.  In our news section, run by Captain Shirk, we put out these MUFON stories.  The amount of shares, to this date on my last MUFON blog, previous to this one, is one.  One time.  Yet, Captain Shirk’s same story about an emotional support alligator?  Almost 600 times.  What the sam hell is going on?  Granted, the alligator story is different and eye catching.  But for the so many thousands who listen to our show and hit our website for the news, it’s a head scratcher, because everyone sits there and complains that UFO people are either shills or liars.  Well we finally have a chance to bring hard news to the public, and the UFO public couldn’t give a damn.  Yet these are the same people who want answers.  They want their experiences discussed.  They want proof.  You can’t have proof if you don’t invest in what’s causing this field to fail.
Look, this isn’t about a lack of shares from our story.  It’s everywhere.  I have been searching Facebook, Twitter and other places looking for answers or comments people have been making regarding Leech’s allegations, and they are hard to find.  The field of Ufology is much bigger than MUFON, To The Stars or any other organization out there.  It all starts with you, the public.  And if the public continues to show apathy or reticence towards this or any other controversy surrounding the field of Ufology, then you deserve what you get.  There is an entire game being played by TTSA and MUFON, and it all forms around the stupidity and ignorance of those in the UFO world.  They are playing all of you like the Harlem Globetrotters versus Team UFO’s Washington Generals.  You’re all going to lose.
Ufology used to be about demanding answers for the questions that we have for the experiences we are going through.  With the advance of social media, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.  Sure it’s easy to bitch and to gripe about everything that’s wrong with the field today.  But if you’re complaining without bringing solutions to the table, or more importantly, sharing posts that are worthy of it, and starting to communicate and ask questions then you’re just as bad as the rest of them.  Call this a scolding or whatever you want, but in the end, the material that is out there, is right there for your picking, and for most people out there, it’s being ignored.  Which is why these groups have been able to play the game the way they want to.  They have no care about you, your experience, or the information or data you’ve acquired.  They care about how they can take you and your evidence or account and turn it to their advantage.  Where does that benefit you?  It doesn’t.  It doesn’t because you’re not willing to stand up for your community and ask questions and encourage discussion.
People are quitting MUFON because of this. A couple of examples. Chris Cogswell, our Spaced Out Radio Scientist, quit in April of 2018 because of the games that were being played.  That was in Newsweek Magazine.  Recently, with this latest debacle, MUFON State Director of Virginia, Ben Moss resigned because of this.  Another MUFON member, on the condition of anonymity, stated to me that everything Phil Leech put in his two letters is true, and that there’s real concern within the organization that those in the higher positions are taking advantage of the field investigators and state directors for their own popularity and benefit.  But you, the public aren’t paying attention to what’s going on.
The role of the UFO media also has to be put into question here, as very few are even discussing this as well.  The alternative media has to do a better job at covering these stories, because that’s their job.  However, where this becomes difficult is that most involved in the UFO media are not trained journalists, and don’t know what a story is unless it smacks them on the side of the head!  Where are all these self titled ‘Investigative Journalists’?  Why aren’t they covering this?  Where are their stories?  Where are their posts about MUFON, TTSA or anything else that’s right or wrong about this field? As I write this, I’m scouring pages, profiles, Twitter posts, and not seeing too much regarding this.  Where is your accountability?  You want to be journalists, but you’re not covering anything.  But yet, you want the title!  Go figure!  It’s shameful that this is even being discussed.
For you, the readers of this blog, demand correct reporting and broadcasting on this subject.  You may be sick of the topic, and rolling your eyes every time it comes up, but for your benefit, you need to be able to trust that there’s someone in the alternative media that has your back regarding these subjects.  Make those media sites prove it to you.  You deserve it.  You deserve the answers to your questions.  Keep asking and keep pressing for proper, balanced journalism and information.  It’s the only way to clean this mess up and to start holding the public, the alternative media, and groups like MUFON accountable.  Put the pressure on us.  You can do it.


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