Disclosure? Confirmation? Or….

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio

Disclosure? Confirmation? Or….

As the countdown to June 1st’s, alleged UFO Documents release continues, we continue to see this incredible subject still making waves in the mainstream media.  It’s amazing how quickly the game can change, which it has again this past week when the UFO football got closer to the disclosure endzone with the shocking news that came out.


It started off with John Ratcliffe.  Now you may not be familiar with his name, but in President Donald Trump’s office, Ratcliffe played the highly important role as the former head of National Intelligence.  Which means he was read in, along with President Trump on the UFO issue.  On Fox News, with Maria Bartiromo, she broached the subject of UAP with Ratcliffe.  The quotes were impressive.  He opened up on Fox News, stating; “Frankly, there are a lot more sightings than have been made public. Some of those have been declassified. And when we talk about sightings, we are talking about objects that have been seen by Navy or Air Force pilots, or have been picked up by satellite imagery, that frankly engage in actions that are difficult to explain, movements that are hard to replicate, that we don’t have the technology for. Or traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom.”


The following two days, Florida Senator Marco Rubio was caught by TMZ, then interviewed the next day by Fox’s Bartiromo about the topic again.  On the subject of the UAP phenomenon, Rubio was quoted as saying, “We have things flying over military installations, over military exercises, and other places. And we don’t know what it is. It isn’t ours, it isn’t anything that’s registered to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). And, in many cases, it exhibits attributes of…the kinds of technology we haven’t seen before. At least that is what it seems like. I think we have to know what it is, or we have to try to know what it is. That’s my view, without any preconceived notions. Maybe there’s a logical explanation, maybe it’s something that can be explained away, maybe it’s a foreign adversary who’s made a technological leap, as you heard [John Ratcliffe], the former DNI, say. Whatever it is, we need to know the answer to it. The problem with this issue is every time you raise it, people get all nervous. ‘Oh, does this mean UFOs, and aliens?’ We don’t have to go that far. There are things flying over national security installations, we don’t know who they are, don’t know what it is, it isn’t ours. We need to find out. I can tell you it’s being taken more seriously now than it ever has been. And look, there’s a stigma associated with this, alright? When a Navy pilot would report that they saw something, they were told that [they] need to go see the flight surgeon, to check out your head, you know, make sure you’re not seeing things. So there’s a stigma associated with reporting it. Even talking to you about it now, people are going to say ‘Look what these people are focused on, when the world is falling apart.’ So there’s a stigma associated with it and that, I think, needs to go away. We don’t have any preconceived notions about what this is or isn’t. We just need to know. Or we need to start trying to know. And I think the first step is to ask the question. If you don’t ask the question, you’re not going to begin to get answers.”


Then, we hear of a new incident involving the United States Navy regarding ‘Tic Tac’ type drones invading the space of three ships on training exercises.  Six of these objects harassed the ships off the coast of California in 2019.  The three ships were the USS Kidd, USS Peralta and the USS John Finn.  This incident occurred over several days without explanation.  Including one hovering over the bow of the USS Kidd, like it was giving the crew a good look at what it actually was.  Like these craft, whatever they were, were taunting the navy fleet of three ships.


So the big question for me, and many others right now is, why now?  Why, all of the sudden, after 70 years since Roswell, are we now trying to figure out what is going on with the UAP phenomenon?  What has changed?  What happened?  Was there a warning they, whomever they are, are coming to earth to make themselves known?  Is it about the military industrial complex and a race for technology?  Do they believe these crafts, whatever they are, are human made, maybe by adversaries like the Russians or Chinese?  What is the big deal, after decades of silence, because I don’t believe for a second this has been all brought forward by the hard work of Luis Elizondo or Chris Mellon, or even Tom DeLonge, for that matter.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that something must have changed or happened for the UFO phenomenon to all of the sudden become a hot button subject in front of our eyes like never before.


So is this about disclosure, confirmation or something more?  Well, we’ve technically already had confirmation after the Pentagon announced in 2020 they had indeed been studying UAP, and then a few months later announced the creation of the UAP task force.  Disclosure is much more difficult, because there are still too many variables at play.  From retrieved aerial vehicles to an extraterrestrial presence, like Robert Bigelow believes. Or…..  What is ‘or’?  Or could be, we know they are coming?  Or could be, the government needs to figure out how to keep their secrets while still looking like they’re playing ball with the public on this subject.  Or could be, that it’s ours, but we don’t want to release it yet?  Or could be many different scenarios.  But if we believe the government at their word, after decades of mocking, ridicule and denial, then we’ll really believe anything, won’t we?  Right now, I don’t think any of us know really what to believe!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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