From Beyond
Not Of This Earth

By William Pullin, UFO Historian


Greetings! Developments. Since the new year arrived, I have been pushing for the local UFO/Paranormal groups to come together, or at least work alongside each other on a more consistent basis. One result of that effort is the Facebook group entitled “San Antonio UFO/Paranormal Association,” a platform for all the local organizations to promote their events, share their content, and inform the public about what services they offer; a platform which has been embraced by the entire community save one group. To be honest, the Paranormal organizations here in San Antonio have always peacefully co-existed and worked together for some time, producing outstanding results and professional content, but unfortunately the same cannot be said of the local UFO groups, with MUFON San Antonio, UFO/Cryptid Investigations, and yours truly, among others, being unable to coalesce. Past events prevented a “coming together” scenario, but nevertheless there was always hope for the future. My friend Ken Jordan, the former Chapter Director of MUFON San Antonio, who has moved on to a higher position within the Texas ranks of the MUFON organization, and I had always kept in touch, hoping the opportunity would present itself to rectify the situation as it now stands. That opportunity has arrived in the form of the new Chapter Director of MUFON San Antonio, Stephen Edwards, and his driven, forward, professional, and scientifically minded approach to the UFO problem. We spoke at length a few short days ago, and found that we are on the same page when it comes to many aspects of the UFO issue. I have renewed hope that the future looks bright indeed for the San Antonio UFO community. Updates to come! Thanks for your kind support and interest.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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