Delores, Are You Dogman?

New theories about cryptids pop up every now and again, much like daffodils or tulips in the spring. And some theories, marginally based upon reported sightings, but never with accompanying evidence, drag on year after year, discussed as though their existence goes without question.
One particular cryptid that falls into the maelstrom of baffling and frightening, but unverified, sightings is Dogman. He supposedly has been seen in 38 of the 50 US states, and is reported to have been seen from Norway to Brazil. Unfortunately, as is the customary experience regarding cryptozoological encounters, we have no photographs, nor physical evidence. We do have descriptions of what it looks like, sounds it has made, and how exceedingly threatening its actions appear.
Our creature is quite large, and has been described as looking like an upright canine. The most consistent description, of what has been named Dogman, is he is bipedal, has a shape, more or less of a human, but with a canine head. It has large canine-type teeth, pointy ears, and tufts of hair around it’s face.
Sounds emanating from Dogman are quite interesting. There are recordings which have been attributed to him, but upon listening, rather than being canine pitched, they sound like a low-resonating, groaning bear.
Now to a new possibility. There is a picture circulating in news sections of social media. The photo shows a bear named Delores, who lives in a zoo in Germany, and has no hair, except for little fur tufts around her head.
No one knows for sure why she has no hair, nor why other bears like Delores, who originate from South America, share the same appearance, and issues of rashes and inflammations on their skin. It has been suggested there may be a genetic defect, but scientists have nothing, so far, to confirm it.
Now, with this description of Dogman, Dolores and other bears with the same skin condition, view the photograph of her, and imagine how she would look standing on her hind feet. If anyone has encountered a bear in the wild, you know a friendly greeting is the last thing you will get. They almost always stand on their hind feet, bare large, ferocious teeth, and can make the most terrifying sounds.
Here is the new theory: Perhaps, just perhaps, Dogman is a species of rare bear who migrated north, from South America. Perhaps, this bear has a genetic marker that made it hairless, and very good at avoiding the human species. It is worth considering, and might just motivate Dogman hunters to leave the poor, itchy creature alone.