Concerns Over The Experience

As closely as I’ve followed the the last year and a half of ufology, I have seen a great debate in the land of ‘Disclosure’ happening.  Whether it’s for the good or the bad remains to be seen.  Looking at both sides of the ledger we’ve seen a great divide between the two different sides.  Those who are pro-TTSA (To The Stars Academy), and those who feel that TTSA doesn’t have the best interests for the field.  However, with this great divide, it is of my opinion that there are many forgotten souls in the great debate.  That is the people who’ve had some incredible, unexplained experiences with UFOs and extraterrestrials.
Over the last eighteen months, we’ve seen the widespread debate over ‘Disclosure’ move so rapidly, those who are wanting answers to what they’ve seen, heard and felt have been sitting on the side of the road waving their hands, yelling, “What about me?”.  As an experiencer myself, as well as being in the middle of the argument, I can say confidently that I’ve seen it first hand, myself.  No longer do people want the story.  No longer do people want the stories like Travis Walton, Betty and Barney Hill or any of the like.  No, they want to talk ‘Disclosure’.  The public is no longer starving for the incredible stories of ET contact.  No, they want government officials to finally get off their asses and say the phenomenon is real.  Which, once again in my opinion, is still a ways away.
Why it is still shrouded in such secrecy is obvious?  There are too many secrets the United States government has regarding this subject they haven’t answered.  Why?  Simple answer again.  We have a mainstream media that was so caught off guard this subject is real, that it’ll be a few years before they catch up.  By the narrative will be so far changed, the history of visitation will be long forgotten except by the UFO historians that are at the top of their game.  Did you notice a couple of months ago when the Pentagon announced they actually have been studying UFOs after decades of denial that no one asked any of the simple questions like, “What truly happened at Roswell?”  Or “Do we have any alien technology in our possession?”  Granted questions like this would have been denied, but they still needed asking.  No one asked any questions that delved into the phenomenon deeply.  Why?  Isn’t that a journalist’s job?  So why didn’t the media?  Most likely because they are still in deep denial the phenomenon is real.
Back to experiencers though.  People for years have discussed what had happened to them.  People still claim these experiences are happening to them.  Whether it’s UFOs in the sky, aliens taking them, missing time.  You know the stories.  But in today’s day and age, are they still relevant in the research?  They should be.  People have answers.  Everyday people such as you and me.  We have answers.  Maybe they sound far out there, but you never know?  There was a reason at one time, Robert Bigelow was very interested in learning more about people’s close encounters and recollections about being on craft, when he bought into MUFON a decade ago.  The relevance should be of huge importance to the field of ufology.
Sure, to look at the counterpoint, there are a lot of made up and embellished stories out there.  People looking for publicity.  Looking for their fifteen minutes of fame.  Potentially looking for that Hollywood type deal where they can make a few bucks, pay off a mortgage with their over hyped story.  Those types of people are in every genre.  In the UFO community, they are easy to spot, because usually they don’t last very long.  It’s like trying to sell books claiming you captured a UFO, when in reality you’re trying to sell a photo of a street lamp.  Unlike the mainstream thinking, the UFO community is not a stupid community.  There are some brilliant minds out there whether they’re educated with university degrees or not.  The community can spot a charlatan or a hoaxer from a a mile away.
That being said, those who have had to deal with personal experiences and possibly trauma caused at the hands of aliens really do deserve to have some straight answers.  Although not all alien contact is negative, we do have some people out there who’ve claimed to be pretty much guinea pigs for the alien scientists.  Whether it’s unwarranted surgeries, hybridization programs, or whatever is going on, these people deserve answers.  Even those of us who’ve had positive experiences want to know what’s going on.  Why wouldn’t they?  They’ve taken enough ridicule and finger pointing for so long that they’d like some answers and more so, justification that they aren’t nuts.
The skeptical crowd can call experiencers liars or embellishers all they want.  The people who have had real experience don’t care about ‘Disclosure’, because to them, it’s already happened.   They don’t care about what the governments of the world are hiding, because they’ve already seen things with their own eyes.   For the experiencer, it’s about confirmation and validation.  Validation to end years of harassment from their own community, family, friends and co-workers.  People who’ve had contact already know the truth, and most don’t care what society says about it.  They just want the understanding and clarification.
So for those out there who are getting into the great UFO debate, please understand, there are other people out there that are directly affected by the phenomenon.  It goes beyond discussing whether or not the acronym should change from UFO to UAP.  It goes beyond ‘Disclosure’.  It goes beyond the TTSA.  It is directed at the people.  People who want to understand the simple question, “Why me?”.

Author: Dave Scott

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