Collecting Witness Testimony; It Must Never Be Accepted At Face Value

William Pullin

Collecting WitnessTestimony; It Must Never Be Accepted At Face Value

By William Pullin, UFO Historian

Greetings! Collecting. The process of collecting witness testimony is an essential aspect of any UFO investigation, be it in the field, or otherwise. However, it is imperative that any investigator who is involved with such an investigation not make the mistake of accepting such testimony at face value. All testimony must be thoroughly examined to determine it’s validity. Testimony must not be taken at face value, under any circumstances. The backgrounds of any individuals giving testimony must be examined, if at all possible. In addition, we as investigators must not lose sight of the fact that not all testimony describes anomalous events; some testimony describes what turns out to be, after investigation, mundane phenomena, or simply misidentified aircraft, or any number of other such terrestrial and identifiable phenomenon. People can, and do, make mistakes. People see things they cannot explain on a consistent basis, however that does not necessarily make those unidentified sightings extraterrestrial in nature, or truly anomalous. People also perpetuate hoaxes from time to time. Those are the facts we as investigators have to deal with. Thank you for your support.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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