Cleaning And Energy Stones: Learn About Jet And Selenite

I would like to take the time to give you information that may be of benefit to you in the course of your life from here on in. I am about to give you a double whammy of powerful cleaning and energy stones. The stones in question are Jet and Selenite. If combined in a silver setting they will be darn near unstoppable in the right hands, the energies put out by the white and black stones are similar to the yin yang.

Selenite has great metaphysical attributes inside of its pure white gypsum structure. It is said to be a connector to the third eye, crown and transpersonal and etheric chakras.
Selenite can also be used to cleanse the energies of other stones in peoples collections by laying the other stones next to the selenite overnight for the other stones to be recharged.
Jet while having once started out as wood, has undergone great transformations underground, pressurised and compacted while also degrading it’s organic components, it is heated and turned into a seam of coal. Coming in either pure black or brown tones Jet is an easy to carve stone.
Jet gives emotional, spiritual and emotional guidance that can help accomplish goals, achieve balance and harmony. Jet has an ability to draw out negatives in the aura which have an impact on your emotions and affect how you feel act and speak. Jet is known to be effective against migraines and cold symptoms, it also has a purification energy that can be protective on many levels.