Chris Cogswell And Mufon

Chris Cogswell
In January, 2018, the Mutual UFO Network chose a new Director of Research, Chris Cogswell, who is based in Minnesota, and produces a podcast on the philosophy of science, technology, and pseudosciences, titled “Mad Scientist”. Cogswell came to MUFON with a PhD in chemical engineering, focusing on nano materials for adsorption and catalysis.
On April 13, 2018, only four months later, Chris Cogswell resigned his position with MUFON, because he had learned that day, MUFON had not cut all ties with John Ventre, as he had been led to believe. Instead, Cogswell became aware MUFON still was closely aligned with him, albeit on a volunteer basis.
Ventre had emailed Cogswell about the 2018 MUFON Symposium that was being held In Cherry Hill, New Jersey. When he learned of Ventre’s continued connection with MUFON, Cogswell felt his conscience could not allow him to remain any longer with the organization.
A year earlier, in May 2017, John Ventre, a long time MUFON member, and at that time, State Director of Pennsylvania, published on his personal Facebook page, an overtly racist rant about a Netflix show. It was offensive on every level imaginable, with no regard for the impact it could have on people with whom he was linked, especially MUFON.

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