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The Forgotten Souls Of Ufology!

Dave’s Write Away By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio The Forgotten Souls Of Ufology! If you’ve never seen a UFO or been in contact…

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Carl Calls Home

The World Around Me Filtered Through My Eyes By Fylth Carl Calls Home

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Egypt Invites Elon Musk To Visit And See Pyramids Were Not Built By Aliens

Egypt has invited billionaire Elon Musk to visit the country and see for himself that its famous pyramids were not built by aliens. (Photo…

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From Beyond Not Of This Earth By William Pullin, UFO Historian Fakes Greetings! Fakes. Throughout the modern history of the UFO problem, hoaxing and fakery…

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UNESCO Sites That Come With Alien Theories

UNESCO sites that come with alien theories. (Photo courtesy of Alamy Stock)

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New Study Suggests Aliens Are Out There, More Rare Than We Think

New study suggests aliens are out there, but more rare than we think. (Photo courtesy of 7News)

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Nasa Funds Harvard Hunt For Technological Signatures From Alien Civilizations

A team of astronomers from Harvard and other institutions are collaborating on a new project to scan the skies for technological signatures from alien civilizations….

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The Wilson/Davis Documents Parts 1 – 4: A Twenty-Three Year Journey

The Wilson/Davis Documents Parts 1 – 4; a twenty-three year journey. (Photo courtesy of The Black Vault)

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The Trouble With Counting Aliens; Where Is Everybody?

The trouble with counting aliens; where is everybody? (Photo courtesy of Ramin Rahimiam/New York Times/Redux)

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Soccer Player In Chile Was Late To Training Because He Was Abducted By Aliens

Soccer player in Chile says he was late to training because he was abducted by aliens. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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