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Arecibo Observatory In Puerto Rico To Be Demolished

Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico to be demolished. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Indonesian Man Sells Meteorite That Crashed Through His Roof For Over Million Dollars

An Indonesian man turned an unusual bit of property damage into a fortune when he sold the meteorite that crashed through his roof for over…

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NASA To Bury Human Remains On The Moon Next Year

NASA is to bury human remains on the moon next year. (Photo courtesy of The Sun)

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SpaceX Astronauts Brought Along A Stowaway – Baby Yoda

SpaceX astronauts brought along a stowaway; baby Yoda. (Photo courtesy of West Haven Observer)

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SpaceX Test Fires, Starship Starts Dripping

SpaceX test fires, starship starts dripping. (Photo courtesy of

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Northern Taurid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight 3 Days Ahead Of 800 Foot Asteroid Flying Past Earth

The Northern Taurid meteor shower is reaching its period of highest activity tonight, just three days before an asteroid nearly 800 feet wide flies past…

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Arecibo SETI Dish Damaged More When Second Cable Fails

A second cable has failed in Arecibo causing even more damage to SETI dish. (Photo courtesy of UCF Today)

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Astronomers Have Traced Source Of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts To Within Our Own Galaxy

Astronomers have traced source of mysterious fast radio bursts to within our own galaxy. (Photo courtesy of The Verge)

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Gabe Newell, President Of Valve, Launching Gnome Into Space To Thank New Zealand

Gabe Newell, president of Valve, the video game company behind the Half-Life series and game marketplace Steam, is thanking the country of New Zealand for…

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Voyager 2 Receives First Commands Since March; Sends Back “Hello”

Voyager 2 receives first commands since March; sends back a “hello”. (Photo courtesy of Yahoo News)

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