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Join Dave Scott And Spaced Out Radio Every Night On YouTube

Here’s Your Personal Invite! SPACED OUT RADIO ~ YouTube Monday – Friday 9:00 PM to Midnight With Dave Scott, Host Please, join Dave Scott and…

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The Trouble With Counting Aliens; Where Is Everybody?

The trouble with counting aliens; where is everybody? (Photo courtesy of Ramin Rahimiam/New York Times/Redux)

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Green Fireball In Western Australia Night Sky A Mystery

A bright, green fireball was spotted over Western Australia’s night skies on Sunday but its origin remains a bit of a mystery to scientists.…

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Study Shows There Could Be More Than 30 Alien Civilizations Living Throughout Milky Way

Study says there could be more than 30 intelligent alien civilizations living on planets across the Milky Way. (Photo courtesy of Signal)

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For Only Second Time In History Astronomers Have Detected Pattern In Repeating Fast Radio Burst Coming From Space

For only second time in history, astronomers have detected a pattern in a repeating fast radio burst coming from space. (Photo courtesy of East…

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How To Take A Virtual Tour Of The ISS

How to take a virtual tour around the International Space Station. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

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Queen’s Brian May Works With Researchers To Understand How Asteroids Form

Queen’s Brian May is working with researchers to understand how asteroids form. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Toy Dinosaur That Accompanied Astronauts On SpaceX Launch Sells Out Almost Everywhere

Toy dinosaur that accompanied astronauts on SpaceX launch is selling out everywhere. (Photo courtesy of Mashable)

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Bob And Doug Are Already Busy Working On The ISS

Bob and Doug are already busy at work on the ISS. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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Interstellar Oumuamua May Be Made Of Something Almost Unheard Of In Science

Interstellar Oumuamua may be made of something almost unheard of in science. (Photo courtesy of

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