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First Food Baked In Space: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are first food baked in space by astronauts. Chocolate chip cookies were the ones made. After baking, they were sealed in bags, then sent…

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Scientists Pin Down Why Stress Turns Our Hair Grey

Scientists pin down why stress turns our hair grey. (Photo courtesy of BLNDN)

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Stanford ‘PigeonBot’ Gives Insight Into Mechanics Of Bird Wings

Stanford researchers’ ‘PigeonBot’ gives them insight into the mechanics of bird wings. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Scientists Discover Oldest Material Ever Found On Earth

Scientists have discovered oldest material ever found on Earth. (Photo courtesy of  ABC News)

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550 Million Year Old Fossilized Worm Guts Found In Nevada

Scientists discover 550 million year old fossilized worm guts in Nevada. (Photo courtesy of

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Heslington Brain Resisted Rotting For 2,600 Years

‘Heslington brain’ resisted rotting for 2,600 years — now scientists know why. (Photo courtesy of Axel Petzold/Journal of the Royal Society Interface)  

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Scientists Put 3D Glasses On Cuttlefish, Show Them Film Clips

Scientists put 3D glasses on cuttlefish, and showed them film clips. (Photo courtesy of USA Today)

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China Convicts 3 Researchers In Baby Gene Editing Controversy

China convicts 3 researchers involved in baby gene editing controversy. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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NASA Unveils Mars 2020 Rover

NASA unveils Mars 2020 Rover, which sets off for the Red Planet next year. It will not only search for traces of ancient life, but pave…

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World’s Largest Elephant Toothpaste Erupts In Foam Volcano

World’s biggest ‘elephant toothpaste’ erupts In foam volcano. (Photo courtesy of Nerdist)

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