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Drone Created To Sniff Out Odors With Real Moth Antenna Attached

Drone sniffs out odors with a real moth antenna. It’s called a smellicopter. (Photo courtesy of University of Washington)

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Soft Robots Have NASA, Doctors, And Tech Whizzes Excited

Soft robots have NASA, doctors, and tech whizzes excited. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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Octopuses Appear To Be Punching Fish Out Of Spite

Scientists observed octopuses seemingly punching fish and believe it could be out of pure and simple spite. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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Dredging Of River Running By Chernobyl Could Contaminate Ukraine Drinking Water

River running past the Chernobyl nuclear reactor is being dredged to create an inland shipping route. This could cause resurfacing of radioactive sludge from the…

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New Blue Whale Population Found After Scientists Hear Unknown Song

New blue whale population found after scientists hear unknown song. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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Canadian Gold Miner Finds 57,000 Year Old Wolf Pup With Fur Still On

Canadian gold miner finds 57,000 year old wolf pup still covered in fur. (Photo courtesy of Government of Yukon)

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Russian Scientist Working On COVID-19 Vaccine Plummets To Death, With Stab Wound From 14th Floor Apartment

Russian scientist, who was working on a COVID-19 vaccine, was found after falling from his 14th floor apartment in St, Petersburg. He also had a…

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Researchers Have Achieved Sustained Long-Distance Quantum Teleportation

Researchers have achieved sustained long distance quantum teleportation. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)  

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There Is A Human Made Barrier Surrounding Earth

There’s a human made barrier surrounding Earth.  (Photo courtesy of Popular Mechanics)

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Japanese Space Probe Brings Back Black Sandy Dust From Asteroid Ryugu

Black sandy dust found in a capsule brought to Earth by a Japanese space probe is from the distant asteroid Ryugu, scientists confirmed after opening…

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