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Mysterious UFO In Congo Is Reported To Be Balloon From Project Loon

Mysterious UFO in Congo is reported to be balloon from Project Loon. (Photo courtesy of

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Thick Clumps Of Bacteria Can Survive For Years In Vacuum Of Space

A hardy species of bacteria can survive the harsh conditions of space for prolonged periods, but only after forming a thick, congealed clump, according to…

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How Animals Reproduce Without Mating

Parthenogenesis explains how animals have virgin births. (Photo courtesy of findingDulcinea)

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This Week Elon Musk Will Show Progress Made On Neuralink

This week Elon Musk promises to show off progress that’s been made on Neuralink. (Photo courtesy of

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Canadian Space Agency Spends $450k On Latest Arctic Greenhouse

Canadian space agency spends $450,000 on latest arctic greenhouse. (Photo courtesy of The Canadian Press)

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Rare Megamouth Shark Sitting In Block Of Ice At Smithsonian

A rare giant shark, megamouth, sits in block of ice at the Smithsonian, allowing researchers to unravel clues about its evolution. (Photo courtesy of…

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Broken Cable Has Wrecked One Of Earth’s Largest Radio Telescopes

Broken cable has wrecked one of Earth’s largest radio telescopes. (Photo courtesy of University of Central Florida)

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Closest Ever Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Found 30,000 Light Years From Earth

Closest ever mysterious fast radio bursts found 30,000 light years from Earth. (Photo courtesy of

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Evolution Turns Male Anglerfish Into ‘Penis With A Heart’

Evolution turns male anglerfish into a ‘penis with a heart.’ (Photo courtesy of ScienceAlert)

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Scientists Trying To Save Lake Titicaca ”Scrotum Frog”

Scientists are joining forces in trying to save a giant frog. It lives its entire life in the waters of Lake Titicaca and nearby lagoons….

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