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Stanford ‘PigeonBot’ Gives Insight Into Mechanics Of Bird Wings

Stanford researchers’ ‘PigeonBot’ gives them insight into the mechanics of bird wings. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Mysterious Swarms Of Drones Appearing At Night Over Colorado

Mysterious swarms of Giant drones keep appearing at night over Colorado. (Photo courtesy of

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North Carolina Burglar Was Robotic Vacuum Named Harry

North Carolina burglar was family’s robotic vacuum they had owned for 3 days. Vacuum’s name is Harry, and he was just doing his job.…

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Shirt Folding Robots Could Make Factory Fully Automated

Shirt folding robots could make Japanese factory fully automated. (Photo courtesy of NY Times)

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Woman Whose Arm Was Ripped Off

Mother who has arm ripped off by shark in Bahamas gets robotic arm, so she can resume taking care of her children. (Photo courtesy…

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SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft Arrives At ISS; Delivers CIMON 2 To Replace Robot That Had Meltdown

SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station Sunday. The spacecraft carried many items of value to ISS, including an upgraded version of…

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US And Britain To Collaborate On Mars Mission; Bring Rocks Back To Earth, Study For Signs Of Fossil Microbes

Complex collaborative effort between the US and Britain on a Mars mission will bring rock samples back to earth, where they will be studied for signs…

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Robots Will Make Better Decisions If They Understand They Can Die

Scientists believe robots will make better decisions if they understand they can die. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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MIT Creates Animal-Like Robots That Can Do Backflips And Play Soccer

Adorable dog-like robots play on college lawn. They were created by MIT students; can do backflips and play soccer. (Photo courtesy of The Verge)

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Canadian Robotics In Surgery Provide New And Improved Level Of Care For Remote Communities

Doctors at a Toronto hospital have performed the world’s first neurovascular surgery using robotics, a procedure that could open the door to heightened levels of…

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