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AI Moving Into Field Of ‘Care’

AI is moving into the ‘care’ field. It’s not to replace, diagnose, nor treat patients; it’s to lay a groundwork with pertinent information for a…

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US And Britain To Collaborate On Mars Mission; Bring Rocks Back To Earth, Study For Signs Of Fossil Microbes

Complex collaborative effort between the US and Britain on a Mars mission will bring rock samples back to earth, where they will be studied for signs…

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Scientists Detect Biggest Explosion In Universe Since Big Bang

Scientists detect biggest explosion in the universe since the Big Bang. (Photo courtesy of Daily Express)

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Tesla‘s New Truck’s Unbreakable Windows Broke

The unveiling of Tesla’s new futuristic-looking truck has embarrassing moments; when steel balls are smashed into ‘unbreakable’ windows, they shatter. (Photo courtesy of Reuter’s)

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NASA’s Underwater Rover Could Help Search For Alien Life

NASA’s new underwater rover will one day help in exploring alien ocean worlds in the search for life. (Photo courtesy of Time)

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Devil Worm Has Had Its Genome Mapped

The devil worm, a nematode that lives a mile beneath the Earth’s surface, has had its genome mapped. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

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NASA Denies There Are Insect-Like Creatures On Mars

In response to recent claims by Ohio University professor, NASA denies there are reptile and insect-like creatures on Mars. (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Mysterious Comet Will Cause Rare ‘Unicorn’ Meteor Shower Storm

A mysterious comet will cause a rare ‘unicorn’ meteor shower storm this week. Here’s how to watch. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

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Ohio University Professor Claims Insect-Like Beings Are Living On Mars

There is an Ohio University professor who is claiming insect-like beings are living on Mars. Dr Emeritus William Rosomer has spent years studying NASA photographs…

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Robots Will Make Better Decisions If They Understand They Can Die

Scientists believe robots will make better decisions if they understand they can die. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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