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Carl Sagan’s 9 Step Method To Baloney Detection

Carl Sagan’s 9 step method for ‘Baloney Detection.’ (Photo courtesy of The Planetary Society)

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Brothel Outside Area 51 Provides AI Robotics In Virtual Reality

Area 51 brothel is offering AI sex robots for global customers. The UFO themed business, called Alien Cathouse, is located just outside Area 51, and…

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Air Force Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Lands Back On Earth After 780 Days In Orbit

The US Air Force’s X-37B space plane landed Sunday back on Earth after spending 780 days in orbit, the longest mission in the mysterious military…

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Harvard Researchers Grow Cow And Rabbit Muscle Cells On Scaffold Made Out Of Gelatin

More Meat News: Harvard University researchers have found a way to simulate real meat by growing cow and rabbit muscle cells on a scaffold made…

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Samsung Space Selfie Balloon Crash Landed On Michigan Family’s Farm

A Samsung space selfie balloon crash landed on a Michigan family’s farm. (Photo courtesy of Nancy Mumby-Welke)

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Former Astronaut, Jerry Linenger, Saw UFOs From Mir Space Station

Former astronaut, Jerry Linenger, saw UFOs from Mir Space Station. . (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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Scientists Teach Rats To Drive Tiny Cars; Rewarded With Food

Scientists teach rats to drive tiny cars to pick up food for themselves. (Photo courtesy of The Drive)

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Cotton Industry Launching GMO Cottonseed For Human Consumption

The cotton industry hopes to launch a new market for a genetically modified cotton plant whose seeds are edible for humans. Photo courtesy of…

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Space Walker Christina Koch’s Spacesuit Glove Got Contaminated During Historic Space Walk Friday

One of Christina Koch’s gloves got contaminated during her historic spacewalk on Friday. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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Could Protein Spun Like Cotton Candy Make Lab Grown Steak?

Could protein spun like cotton candy make lab grown steak possible? (Photo courtesy of Gizmodo)

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